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Desperate user needs your help :(


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Im sorry to bother all of you with this.(sorry for my very approximative english )
First of all i have to say that you all do an awesome work and the community is realy nice and helpfull, so i dont complain about anything redarging support.

But , even if i look at all the turotials and forum with feedbacks, i  always end up having random ctds, so i think i will use this post to ask if i have problems that i can't solve by myself after hours of research.

I use MO and i dont put anything in my skyrim data folder.
I have cleaned master files and followed the tutorial, but one of the masterfiles required to be cleaned 2 times, i do it ( clean the 2nd masterfile that has been created by tes5edit) but i dont see any difference in the log of TES5edit when i do so, unlike the tutorial shows... Is it a big problem? 

I intend of making another clean installation of all my mods, and i watch so many guides...but i want to be sure about some things...

How to use papyrus log? i installed it and changed the ini file in my document but the log fils created remains empty...

I want to use a lots of mod , changing the game generally but also many game mod of the sexlab community ,is there any big and well known mod that it is not recommended to use ? Maybe mod that does many scan during the game? 

I will post when i have real and big troubles in my next try...cya soon guys.

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Yes thanks a lot for the quick answer , but papyruse log is supposed to be in one of the mod i installed, to be sure i have it is it ok to just install papyrus itself ? even if there is multiple mod?
And i also see that in many mods there is a skirim.ini files, wich one do i have to change to make it work?


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Let me do some clarity:


Papyrus is the scripting language integrated in the game. You have to do NOTHING.

The script language can generate a log to understand if you have problems. It is just a setting in the skyrim.ini file, and then the file is generated when you run the game.


There are some additions to the language, but usually they come with their mods, and you don't have to do anything special (except installing the mod.)

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Re :- "How to use papyrus log? i installed it and changed the ini file in my document but the log fils created remains empty..."


The .ini is on a profile basis if using MO. So you need to go to here to edit if for the profile rather than the My Document entry which is totally ignored:-










In the Skyrim.ini of MO to enable logging:-


Then when you run the game the logs can be found in:-


C:\Users\{YOUR USER NAME}\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script (i.e. Papyrus.0.log, Papyrus.1.log, etc. with Papyrus.0.log being the newest for a particular game run).


(Opps CPU got there first, anyway might clarify the clarification :shy: )

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Ho yes thanks a lot i feel so much better now !! So with all the informations you gave me  i will do the entiere installation and then if someting is wrong and i cant find it with the logs i will repost here, i dont want too bother you to much, thanks a lot guys CPU and spoonsinger you are both awesome! 

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Afaik best/easiest way to change .ini settings via MO:

http://prntscr.com/c7pi8m then choose skyrim.ini to add the logging.

If you have problems with scripts, you can try my changes below the logging part.






fUpdateBudgetMS=2 <- set it to 1.2 (default), 1.6 or 2. If higher than default scripts will be slower, you have to wait for things to get done, but they'll be done with less problems.

fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=2 <- similar, different tasks. sacrifice performence for stability.

fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2500.0 <longer loading screens, again more stability. default is 500.





Can't remember what exactly the memory parts do, i don't think it'll hurt to use them, but if your computer turns into a witch i don't feel responsible. Oh, and remove my comments of course if you use it. ;)

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Thanks a lot for the advise , i use this configuration you gave me and i have papyrus log!

I changed everything once again to make a good mod set up...but again it does the same error, the game start fine, then when i get out of the cell it automaticly save the game even if i disable all auto save option...

And when i want to reload the game it never work and keep on doing a ctd everytime i try to load the game...

I can load a save before i get out of the starting cell of alternate start, but after the first auto save it neverworks....
I heard auto saving corrupt the game but i cant find a way to disable it...

So now i show you the papyrus log and my load order....i hope someone will be able to help me out...sorry :(



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I have used another  starting scenario , it bring me to solstheimn and i saw that all the animation of creature from dragonborn mod just dont work they stay in idle even when they die...xD
But here i could reload the game after the auto save!
And then when i came back to skyrim when i tried to save and reload the game it just crashed again....


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