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Can't replace ambient music?


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Hey guys,


Took me some time to find good and fitting songs to add in my game as replacers, strangely, replaced UI sounds like levelup and the like work perfectly fine.

However the game doesn't want to play my custom ambient music, both for exploration and combat.


Is there anything to do on CK ? I don't understand why it doesn't work, they're placed in the right folder location and it's converted to .XWM format.

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I have a suggestion. I assume you are playing FO4? Why not use something like http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9472/?

An alternative might be right in game already. Go into your settings menu and go to the audio section. Run the slider for music all the way down. Unless you pay attention and have sharp hearing you probably won't hear a thing. Radios will still play at normal volume, and there are plenty of add on stations now. Or you could make a station of your own and put whatever tunes you like onto it. I think you will need some kind of file converter, but that should be relatively easy to find. 

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Wrong game mate, besides I don't need to merge music or anything, replacing is fine but somehow the game doesn't play them (or it does but just once and a few specific music very rarely).



Oh, sorry, my fault :) Just clicked on the thread and did not read which game it was for. 



No problem, happened to me too :P

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