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Skyrim crashing for no reason


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Hey, I had no idea where to put this, so I decided to put it here. My skyrim keeps crashing on me for no definable reason. On my laptop, the game opens and plays just fine, if really jerky due to low power. So, I decided to move the game to my desktop, I put it on a terabyte drive and transferred the entire game, plus all of its mods, and all of its data, just the way they were, from the laptop, to the desktop. And now, everytime I try to play the game, it loads to the main menu, and I get as far as the loading screen when trying to play the game, and then it crashes to desktop after sitting at the loading screen for a few minutes. It does this without warning, with no error boxes, and with no crash reports created.


Things I have done include sorting the load order with LOOT, deleting and retransferring the files, and even attempting to clean the one file with ITM issues with TS5Edit. If anyone can help me figure out WTF is going on, I'd be really gratefully because this is just annoying.

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First of all, there is a technical support section for Skyrim, stuff like that should go there.


Second, if you move the whole Skyrim-folder from one computer to the next, make sure that: 

1. You copied the stuff from the hidden 'Appdata' folder too, so you don't have to resort your mods. Skyrim can be really bitchy about changed load orders.

2. If you copied the folder containing your Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini (users\yourname\documents\my games\skyrim) too, and your laptop uses another resolution and graphics card, open your Skyrimprefs.ini, and adjust the resolution settings, and the one for your graphics device. If you're using an ENB on both machines, that value should be fine. If not, and you need to know what to put in there, move the ini file out of your folder and start Skyrim, it should automatically detect your graphics device and put the name there, copy it to your default ini, save and move it back. 


iSize H=1080

iSize W=1920
These are the mentioned values. Adjust them to fit to your settings.
3. If you did NOT copy your Skyrimprefs.ini and Skyrim.ini, make sure that you either get them from your laptop or are 100% sure that you didn't alter them and are missing some values on a fresh one.
3. If you move the whole installation folder (Steam install) you will have to click 'install' on steam, let it do the job and copy your folder over it again, otherwise the game just won't work.
If you move the whole installation folder using a non Steam version, you will have to install the main game from DVD first, and then copy your folder over it, otherwise it won't work properly too. 
I just moved my whole stuff from one Windows to another, and everything is fine. 
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