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Anyone tried Nvidia's new DSR feature ??


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At first i was sceptical even though it does look good, but when configured wrong you would get very bad frame rate, now i am getting full 60 frames with skyrim even in town that where previously getting 30 frames. Large battles never went below 60 for me. I will try fallout 4 next when i get enough room on my hard drive.

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I have been using GTX 980 for over a year now, and like Slammer64 I am running Skyrim on 3840X2160, and using DSR the whole time so I'm not to sure how "new" this feature is, but it does make it look pretty incredible.  I have turned it off a few times while de-bugging some issues and yuck!  For me if I optimize skyrim through the Nvidia start up page, this feature is automatically turned on at 4.0 and 33%.

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try reducing to percentage to 10 to 15 percent. 33 is too high you will get better frames. from what i read.

I'd have to dig out my old monitor to try it D_ManXX2. I'm running a 4k@3840x2160 now.  :P


How does skyrim perform on this monitor ?? i think i am still playing on an ancient one.. :D just  like my pc currently is

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Skyrim DSR is the main reason I got a 980 instead of 970 since I won't be upgrading my 1080P TV/monitor to 4K in the near future and I only care about 30+ fps with everything max up.


The only game I have with DSR support from Nvidia is Skyrim (I don't think console ports work well with DSR) and I use 1440P DSR on 1080P with heavy ENB that my old 660 was having problem with.  I like it better than other antialiasing alternatives.  The difference is more enjoyable in-game than what's conveyed by screenshots.  The only lag I have is cell loading or script lag.  I doubt I have seen fps dipping below 30 due to GPU.  I tried 4K DSR but somehow it does not play well with ENB I used, probably due to the 4GB limit on my Windows10.



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