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trying to become self reliant for TroubleShooting with MO, but stumped.

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im just going off the last line, but it looks like something to do with sanguine dabuachery.


try turning it off and see if that fixes it


When testing with Mo create a new profile with the mods as you are currently using it.


Then turn off one or two of the mods (and their dependencies) as needed and test again.


Rinse and repeat you will soon get the problem mod.


The reason for the new profile is it will keep your saves safe provided you also have MO setup to keep Saves separate. You cannot harm your current game progress doing this in any way. Safest way to test and try out solutions.


Another option is to see if you can download some save files from Nexus (make sure they are current for the Skyrim you are using and clean with no mods used) and start from beyond that location. Test some of them out. If the current location is the only location that is giving you problems and you just have to use those mods... then you just jump over the section.


Also another option (haven' checked your mods list) is Alternate start. It solves many problems that occur with modding the game and the starting quest. It has allowed others to continue using their selected mods list without problems otherwise would happen during the normal quest.


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