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I need help, cant get my mods to work.


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The first time I installed this mods everything was fine, after changing a few mods I started to have problems with SOS, with the no sos skeleton thing and the schlong was small and won't stay in place I decided to reinstall Skyrim,

afteraI was done installing mods and Skyrim the schlong were working perfectly fine but now the second framework won't detect the this and sex takes way too long to start, after a while breaking my head I noticed that the touched by Dibellas skin was looking bad, the hands and feet out of their place and the butts have this weird lines on them, also I have the enhanced version but they are still wearing the bikini,

I decided to reinstall everything again this time I started with important mods like the patch then with families and brides, followers and pets, armors, female modification, the second and schlong, I still have the bad body textures, no sex but the sos is OK ButNOW! I can't choose to be a female, I have been stuck for two and a half days now, help me please, I am using mod organizer, I tried wrye bash, TOOL and tesedit but I really don't understand tesedit. I hope is just a load order thing the game crashes in the face menu when switching to female.


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it would take a miracle for someone to be able to help you with this much information

I know I'm sorry, I was not able to write anything, but I replied to myself whit what I hope is the needed information, I can give more if asked.

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I don't see too many issues in your load order. Run LOOT and generate FNIS and see if that provides you some relief. As far as SOS goes the size can be changed in MCM. I'm not extremely familiar with Dibellas skin so my best guess as to the problem with that is just an issue in either the way it was installed or just the mod itself. I personally use CBBE because it works very well. So as far as that one goes I'm not sure about it but I'll see what I can find out.


With saying you cannot choose the be female, does this mean you are not able to make your character female when you start a new game, or just in the "showracemenu" command?


As far as the mods go even if you reinstall Skyrim you won't actually remove the mods as MO puts things in a virtual data folder to be installed when you start the game. When reinstalling the game and using MO you need to go to the mods that you do not wish to have, right click, and hit "Remove". 


I seriously think as far as the sex animations that it's something in FNIS that's giving you trouble. So run FNIS for users. Then hit the button called "Consistence Check". This is going to make sure that there are no missing animations, after doing that post what FNIS says here so we have a better picture of what is going on.

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