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Mesh distortion because of crappy Weight Painting?

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Hope someone can help me out here. Right now I'm working on a custom underwear mesh and I'm somewhat happy with my work. When the character stands and runs everything looks fine. Problem ist when the character is crouching, then the mesh "distorts" in a weird way around where the ass starts.


The distortion is visible in the attached screenshot.


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That's called clipping.


You'll have to work on the weight painting of that area of your mesh (more polygons can help).


yeah not talking about clipping, but the mesh area in the middle, where it "dips" down.



ah ok will try that, thank you!

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If you are using this as a body (using the torso slot), just cut the body part that clip with a zap slider in outfit studio.


If you are using this as a acessory, them... for my experience, 90% of the times clipping like this happens is because polycount, cbbe have a lot of polys, try to duplicate the polys of your mesh, them copy the weights again, if this not solve, them yes, edit/check the weights one by one...

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