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How do I convert this armor to men?


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This here: http://modgames.net/load/tes_v_skyrim/bronja/da_o_2_leliana_armor_set/249-1-0-11120

(Requires translating and registering to get the download)

I really want to convert this to male soldiers, so that both genders could wear it!

Because I plan on placing Inquisition soldiers wearing that all over Skyrim after "conquering" places.

(Not really knowing what I'm doing) I came across this in Creation Kit under Items>Armor:



^The problem is, GND is the droppable item. That's not the part to change =/

With the SoS body, I converted the armor's meshes onto malebody_0.nif and malebody_1.nif.


In game, the unconverted part worn just makes the male body invisible.

I don't know what to do next!

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Problem is you do not have all your slots selected in the CK for armor and armor addon. You only have SBP_32_body selected there are actually 2 more slots that you need to select SBP_38_calves and SBP_34_forearms. The other ones are listed under the male bodies BSDismemberSkinInstance as the body has 3 partitions so you will either have to add those slots to the armor and armor addon or you can load each of those nifs up and change SBP_38_calves and SBP_34_forearms to SBP_32_body so that all slots are SBP_32_body which will also work.

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