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[CK2] Game of Thrones Portrait Replacer ver. 1.4 [ver 1.2 AGoT & CKII compatible]


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Game of Thrones Portrait Replacer


Only enable one at a time!

Steam MediaFire (Mirror)



This is a sub-mod adding over 100 portraits from the GoT TV show to the AGoT mod. AGoT's characters are pre-generated, so when a new game starts, all characters automatically receive their respective portraits. These portraits operate off custom traits. These traits are purely cosmetic and strictly for assigning portraits. The way they work is the custom traits reference five huge .gfx files, and within the files are several frames. Each frame represents a specific portrait. The mod assigns traits, and those traits point to a portrait/frame in one of five .gfx files.





1.) Requires the AGoT base mod (ver 1.2.0).


2.) Do not use this mod with other mods sharing portrait_properties.txt in the interface folder.


3.) If using the download link for CKII vanilla, you must have all the official DLC portrait packs. If you don't own all the DLC, open my interface folder and delete the corresponding culture .gfx files relating to the DLC you're missing.





1.) Download the AGoT base mod.


2.) Extract the .zip file. Inside are two files you'll need: the .mod file (which sometimes looks like a movie file), and the folder.


3.) Take these two files and put them in your Crusader Kings II mod directory:
Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod


4.) Subscribe to my mod on steam, or download it from MediaFire. Start CKII. In the CKII launcher, go to the "Mod" tab. Enable both the AGoT mod AND my AGoT portrait mod.


5.) Click play, and you're done. You'll know it works when you see TV show character portraits when clicking around the world map. Note: The portraits won't show on the bookmarks screen.





This is not a requirement of the mod (unless you're using the vanilla CKII version, then it's mandatory!). If you want to manually apply or remove one of my portraits on a character, you need knowledge of the in-game console. When you're loaded onto the world map, type in one of the below command lines to switch your portrait, or the portrait of a computer controlled player. To switch YOUR portrait, use:
add_trait InsertNameOfPortraitHere


To switch the portrait of an AI controlled player, you must know their character ID. Type "charinfo" then hover your mouse cursor over their portrait. New information about that character will be displayed called the debug info. Look for their ID number. With that ID number, type:
add_trait InsertNameOfPortraitHere InsertCharInfoIDHere


If you ever need to remove a portrait on yourself, type:
remove_trait InsertNameOfPortraitHere


To remove a portrait from an AI character, type:
remove_trait InsertNameOfPortraitHere InsertCharInfoIDHere




1.) The portraits of AGoT children (age 0-12), such as Bran, Rickon, Arya, etc. do not initially have portraits, but when they reach age 13, they automatically acquire them. This is necessary due to a limitation in CKII's treatment of children's portraits.


2.) Scars, blinded_eyes (eyepatches), red dots, boils, and the multiplayer purple GFX have been DISABLED. This is a side-effect to getting my portraits to work. This does not mean those traits have been removed; only that I removed the gfx associated with them!


3.) When picking a custom character on the world map with a portrait, you can't apply cosmetic changes to the DNA character underneath, because the portrait hides what you're changing. I don't have a solution to this, but honestly, you shouldn't be cosmetically changing these characters anyways, as it might break the game. Just pick the character and load in with their portrait.


4.) This mod is capped at 130 portraits. That's currently more than enough to fulfill the entire show's content, including all minor characters, but as the seasons progress, I may have to axe minor characters in favor of major ones.


5.) AGoT's mod is based on the book and not the show, so it conflicts with certain portraits. For example, Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Salladhor Saan are black in the TV show, but not in the mod/book! Regardless, I assigned them their show's character portraits. Furthermore, some characters do not exist in the mod at all, because they weren't in the book, and some character names are different from the book over the show!


Some characters who don't exist in the mod that exist in the show are: Myranda, Olly, and Violet.


Some names different from the TV show and the book are:
Talisa Maegyr (TV) = Jeyne Westerling (Book)
Yara Greyjoy (TV) = Asha Greyjoy (Book)
Reek (TV) = Is NOT Theon Greyjoy (Book)


There's probably more subtle differences, but my point is, I understand the mod doesn't match the book. I also don't want to start a war between TV show viewers and book readers. If you're a book loyalist who hates the TV show, simply don't download this mod.





Q. You forgot a character. You also forgot the Forresters.
A. If I forgot a character, let me know, but even so, I need to find a decent portrait of them from the show, and they need to actually be in the game for me to add them. Remember, if the character isn't in the book, they won't be in the mod! As for the Forresters, I know I could add their video game characters, but the artwork would clash with the other faces added from the show and would seem too jarring, so I'm ignoring them. For other characters, I understand I could use artwork, or even cosplay, but nope, I'm keeping this mod exclusive to the TV show characters, for consistency.


Q. Is this Ironman compatible?
A. Yes, but the console is disabled in Ironman mode, so you cannot manually assign or remove portraits. What you see is what you get.


Q. Can I obtain achievements using this?
A. No, because this mod alters the checksum, due to the integration of custom traits. Even though my traits don't add any stats and are purely cosmetic, CKII has no way of distinguishing this.


Q. I'm mid-way into a save. Can I still change the character portraits?
A. Yes, don't mix up the artwork, otherwise you'll traits referencing incorrect portraits! For example, if you want to edit Theon, replacing him with another portrait of Theon is fine, but if you turn Theon's portrait into a different person, that could be messy.


Q. Can I use this as a stand-alone mod for vanilla CKII?
A. My portrait pack doesn't work with vanilla; however, I will release a separate stand-alone mod, compatible with vanilla CKII, once I know this mod works for everyone. Of course, you'll need to manually assign portraits when you use it. I'll release it later.


Q. Can I add my own portraits to this?
A. Yes, my mod supports up to 130 portraits, and there are still 23 empty portrait slots, so feel free to fill them! When I add more characters, I'll work from left to right, so I recommend you start at portrait 130 and work right to left, so we don't conflict with each other! You need an art program to edit .dds files, like Photoshop w/ a .dds plugin, or GIMP. Open my .dds files in the gfx folder, and fit a portrait into one of the empty circles. Then add the portrait from the in-game console.


Q. Can I use your portrait mod in one of my mods?
A. Yes, but credit me please! Thanks! :)

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Two new updates since my original release:

- Fixed portraits for Gendry, Illyrio, Greyworm, Podrick, and Daario. Thank you to AdamUpBxtch for catching this!

- Fixed incorrect hair colors. Thank you to The Black Prince for mentioning this!

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