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So I wanted to edit (remove) the shoulder pads (?) pauldron of an armor yet its sadly a one piece armor so removing one part = removing the entire armor


All I know with nifscope is how to remove a block so im clueless of how to separate a 1 piece armor into a 2 piece armor






Yes I know this is for 1rst person view


Best I could find was something about using 3D max but can cause quite a lot of issue due of missing bone or something, furthermore I don't know how to use it either

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Purple textures;  missing textures in folder, texture path in the nif doesn't match the folder path, textures in the wrong format.


Warning triangle;  something unexpected in the nif, could be defunct stuff or things not in their proper place, or any number of things.


Body disappearing;  The dismember partitions are set to slot 32, simply change the slot in the nif and the CK or add the body mesh to the nif.

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It should be noted you don't actually need 3DS to get rid of armour parts like this in most cases; it's really easy to zap parts off a mesh NiTriShape in outfit studio so long as they're not actually part of the same unbroken mesh:


Half-Assed Zap Slider Tutorial:



Here I've loaded the armor part you uploaded in Outfit studio. Like you said, it's all part of the same NiTriShape so can't be removed in NifSkope. What you want to do is go to Edit>"Edit connected only". What this does is make it so only parts of the mesh actually 'physically' connected to the part you're editing are modified. Since the pauldron is not directly connected to the rest of the armor this allows us to mask it very easily. (Note, if you only want to zap one pauldron you can uncheck "X mirror" to modify both sides of the mesh independently.



Next what you want to do is select the Mask Vertices brush and turn the size up to max, which will make it easy to mask the whole part without missing any vertices. This is very important since if you're editing an armour with different weights (_0 and _1 meshes) you need to make sure you have the same amount of vertices in both versions or it will break.



Now you want to place your brush over part of the mesh where you won't accidentally paint another part of the mesh, I usually use edges, and just move it a little bit while painting, which with the maxed out brush size should usually cover just about everything. You can inspect it more closely afterward with a smaller brush size to make sure you get everything.



Once you've got the entire part you want zapped masked you can go to Brush>"Invert masked". What Mask actually does is prevent anything masked from being modified. Sometimes, like here, it might be just as easy to mask everything you don't want zapped. But if you're editing an armor that has a dozen different pieces on one NiTriShape I've always found it easier to just mask the part you want to get rid of and then invert the mask so you only ever need to paint one thing.



Once you've inverted the mask you can go to Sliders>"New zap slider" and give it a name. i usually name it the part I'm getting rid of.



Once you've got your zap slider made you can save your project and give it some bullshit, easy-to-identify, name since it's only there to zap a piece off the armor.



Now you just have to load your project up in outfit studio and click the zap checkbox and the mesh you wanted rid of is gone! Hold the "CTRL" key and click build and you can now retrieve your modified mesh from the Bodyslide folder.





I know Vioxsis has already graciously modified the mesh for you but I hope this might help in the future.


EDIT: Also, concerning your current predicament I use Mod Organizer for managing my mods and find I'm often better off just unpacking all my BSA's into their respective mod folders if I think I'll be editing their files at all. Might be something to think about if you don't mind the extra space the uncompressed files will take up.

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The texture paths are in the nif file. So long as you have the textures installed you'll have textures. The only reason it's showing up as no textures in outfit studio for me I believe is because with Mod Organizer I don't actually have anything in my Data folder apart from the vanilla Skyrim files. All my mod files are in a virtual Data folder managed by Mod Organizer to make installing/uninstalling mods and managing conflicts easier. Because I'm not launching BodySlide through Mod Organizer BodySlide thinks my textures are missing.

The output nif does still have textures as long as they're installed:





So as long as you have Immersive Armors installed properly you shouldn't be missing any textures.

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When you click save in OutfitStudio? That's not supposed to be outputting anything but a BodySlide project. That's just setting up the zaps. The file path in the Outfit Studio save dialogue is where BodySlide sends the nif files when you click Build but I never use that. I usually just leave it default and CTRL-Build to get the modified nif files. When you CTRL+Build the nif files end up in the same folder as the BodySlide.exe with whatever name you gave them.

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