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Some Basic Tools and Knowledge -Everyone should have (and use before posting here)


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1. Tools




Load all mods

Apply Filter for cleaning

Red Entrys = CONFLICT

keep especially an eye out for activators and other entries that apply scrips


Savegame script scalpel - Disassembler - Diagnostic Tool - Papyrus Data Transfer



Wyre Smash 307


the one on nexus has some errors


Optimizer Textures (Ordenador)


Skse --- just to mention




your brain

Adding a lot of mods with a lot of npcs and a lot of scrips and/or hdt features and lot of graphic mods isn´t really good for your computer.

Too many items in your crafting menu / inventory can cause ctds too. (especially high polygon ones) 

3. get the latest versions of your mods

    some ctds are related to meshes (hdt/bodyslide files)

4. post your load order and your latest papyrus script

best from a save game not directly from the start.

create a new game . 

let the start up process end.

save and exit.

load the game. 

and then post the log.




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