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Need help with mesh combining


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Hello, guys.

I often read this forum and find some useful tips - thanks a lot.

Recently I've tried to make my second outfit using vanilla mesh combining - and failed in some way.

Cause it took a lot of time - I thought may be someone could explain me, how to finish it.

Actually I didn't make a lot of mesh editing - I'm a retexturer, not modeler. So I simply took 5 game meshes, retextured them with adding a transparency (so only useful parts are visible), loaded them to Outfit Studio, edited final combination with brushes. Then added CBBE sliders, removed clipping in each of them with brushes again and that's all.


It looks normal in Nifscope and Bodyslide, but has awful clipping in game, especially between top skirt and petticoat (it has two skirts - the top is lacy). 

I've attached screens to this post.


I think it could be in some way connected with "bones" or how it's called - but I've never dealed with it and thought vanilla meshes will work "as is"


May be someone could help and explain, how to finish it? Really was a hard work.


Thanks in advance.




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You will not always see clipping in nifskope or outfit studio as some clipping comes from your players stance/idle stance player pose and kneeling can also cause some things to clip. The best way to fix it is to make screenshots of the clipping spots then go back out of game grab one of the mesh files and add more mesh volume to the top layer with outfit studio and anywhere else there was clipping.  Replace old mesh with the new one and see if that worked. If clipping is gone job is done if not screenshot again and do more touch ups.  

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There is one other thing that make clipping, the combination of sliders when making the bodyshape in bodyslide,

In OS move the sliders you use in bodyslide and see if there are clipping,

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