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Inventory, Loot menu lags

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Hello guys !


I am not sure why but in my game each time that i open my inventory or that i loot something i have little lags when i close the menu. Like each time that i am done looting i close the menu and the game have a little 1 or 2 seconds freeze before back to normal. It is annoying, specially when i am in a dungeon with many things to loot.


Someone know how to fix that ?


Thanks :)

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How much crap do you have in your inventory? How much of that crap is high poly? The more crap you get into your inventory the more you can lag which will become worse if you have lots of high poly items in there which can also cause CTD's scrolling through the inventory for too long.

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I do not have that much crap in my inventory. And i have those lags even when i starts a new game.


Oh, and i just checked my game, it lags also when i change my spells with the favorites menu. But the lags happens only when my spells are in my hands. When i change my spells and that my hands are not activated ("ready for fight", sorry my vocabulary is poor lol) i have no lags at all.

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