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Defense tower


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In my current play through I've really begun to focus on building settlements to be more than a building or two fenced in by a solid string of missile turrets.


Using the elevator I've been able to build roughly the concept of a defense tower a tall 2 to 4 story tower able to provide 360 heavy fire from multiple levels of missile and heavy laser turrets and light up a large area around the tower via searchlights.


However while the concept is sound and works well as far as I can tell, simply put hand building these things and getting them wired up is a grand pain in the ass.


So the idea would be for a compact easy to fit prefab tower (Maybe use something about the size of a Polanski shelter as a center column) that comes in 2, 3 and 4 story flavors already armed with 9 turrets per level of mixed Missile/H. Lasers and only needs a single wire hook up.


It would need from the get go maxed out gun nut and science perks to build but in terms of cost it will be about the price of 5 or 10 turrets a steep discount all things considered. If you have the top rank nuclear physicist perk then you can build at the additional cost of a fusion core a self powered version.


This is most likely going to be classed as a cheat because you are plopping down min 300 def with a 2 story model to 600 with a 4 story model but if it saves time and hassle from stopping settlement attacks I feel its worth it.


I have the idea and I feel that it should be do able with all in game textures its just a matter of putting it together that I am lost on.

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Would the structure deploy the turrets when power is applied or by other means eg terminal? Sounds like it would be awsome idea.


No I was thinking of something much more basic and probably it would be counted as a single turret as far as the terminal is concerned. Just a tower with in game turrets on each floor.

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