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SexLab Solutions CTD before loading screen

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I have downloaded sevral SexLab mods, and they work relatively fine (I mostly use SexLab Romance), but when I activate SL Solutions via NMM it causes an immediate crash after the Bethesda logo every time. Therefore I cannot run it.


Thanks in advance.

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Here we go again... Latest Solutions needs ALL DLC's AND Unofficial Legendary patch.


Let me tell you I do have both of these. I also have UNSLEEP and Fuz Ro D-oh.



Well, clearly you are missing one of its dependencies because crashing before main title is 99% sure a missing master

If you use mod organizer you can check it on the right panel in the "plugins" tab. Look for the Sexlab solutions plugin in and it will have  a "!" flag. Hover the mouse and it will tell you wich master you are missing

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