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  1. Good point xD, but I don't mind ''straight sex talk'' in my game lol
  2. Ahh, you gotta love straight dudes and their fragile ego 🤪
  3. Well maybe one day somebody will make some kind of patch, about that character undress bug, it was knows issue with v139, fixed with Patreon build v140 and newer.
  4. Oh it was a known issue with v139, fixed with Patreon build 140+..
  5. I thought I was the only one, having the same issues, hope it will be fixed.
  6. That bug with characters stays clothed in animations is random it seems, sometimes it work sometimes it's not, never had this problem, it seems like AAF v139 issue, as I have it even with just base AAF v139 installed without any patches. Might need to completely remove AAF sadly, as it also causes Pip-Boy/perk menu crashes too, not worth it anymore
  7. AAF 139b, no biggie I just use AAF partial stripping and it works fine so far.
  8. Well I did not change anything, and no matter what clothes my char wera, they are not removed during sex, until I restore AAF_equipmentSetData.xml from original AAF.
  9. Oh I like the sound of that 😜 Also thanks for the 1.5.9E update!
  10. Btw, there is a bug (?) in partial stripping version, my char would not strip for sex scenes, but he will still be naked after sex scenes, after replacing AAF_equipmentSetData.xml file with original AAF 139 from partial strip all works fine, this happens with your current LL UAP version and also with the build from the GitHub.
  11. Aww.. I miss you too! But I'm not sure if me coming back it's a good idea.
  12. I see (on GitHub) that you're adding cool new features/improved some older one, can't wait!
  13. This is where Bethesda's Fallout shows it's stupidity, if there were more intelligent SuperMutants with their own economy (like in FNV) ideas like this would be much easier to make, and they would look much more believable. Ah I miss FNV lol I wish we had more places like Diamond City or Goodneighbor to talk with NPCs, deal with people problems, which could lead to more interesting mods/quests, not only ''go there kill this'' or ''another settlement need your help'' lmao I do love how you explore different possibilities for cool mods
  14. Thanks, ok I deleted them all except for AAF_morphSetData.xml
  15. Should I remove other XML's files with penis morphs in them for example: Atomic Lust_morphSetData.xml, Rufgt_morphSetData.xml & Male_morphSetData.xml and just leave AAF_morphSetData.xml, I also see BodyTalk2_MorphSetData.xml but it's already an empty file so it should be ok. E: Also I see ''common.xsd'' file in my Data/AAF folder, is this file needed?
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