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To save myself some esp slots, I merged these mods. All tested out and working.


Create Npc Duplicate
Spell / Item Delete
Claim that Interior
Decorators Assist / Unlock OBSE


added Set Essential Actors Plus - Fejeena's edition
You can check and change NPC settings: Essential, NoRumors, QuestItem(Persistent reference), Respawns, NoPersuasion.
fejeena adds NoLowLevelProcessing.
- "NoLowLevelProcessing I add because of spawning NPC ( Level list ) and also some NPC who never leave
their cell are set to NoLowLevelProcessing. With Lovers the Respawn flag is removed if you enslave such
a NPC ( LoversSlaveTrader) or make the NPC your companion with MCS, but not the NoLowLevelProcessing
flag ( no AI if player is not in the same cell )" - fejeena ;)


EDIT: set setactoress spell to ability 8:51 pm CST 6-25


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Thanks to fejeena for sharing her setessentialactorsplus. That was meant to be in the tool box, but somehow I forgot.


Also reminder / warning

    Excessive moving / adding / locking  of items / nps using these spells [redecorate / decorators assist / create npc]  may (most likely will) cause bloat due to adding / altering affected items.



         -- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! --   ;)

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