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Nifskope (possible) Texture Glitch

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I've been trying to create my own add-on tail for a bunny girl race I've been attempting to mod. However I was a little surprise to learn that even with all the tail mods out there, there's not one for bunnies. So I - in true LoversLab spirit! - decided to try to make one. Or at least slap two different things together and hope it comes out right.


Using the tail from what I believe originated from the Faun race (although I got it from the Deer race mod) as a template, I copied a bunny tail off of a "playboy" outfit and pasted it into Nifskope. It seems to have replaced the original tail, but when I loaded up the Creation Kit there seems to be a texture problem or some kind of problem. The tail itself has texture, but there are 2 dimensional "walls" and other odd glitches coming off of it too.


As my experience with Nifskope is very limited, I was hoping that someone with more experience wouldn't mind taking a quick peek and see if they can identify the problem. I've tried messing around with the meshes but everything I do seems to make it worse. I'm hoping it's something that can easily be explained and fixed, or perhaps someone could just slap it back into shape and uploaded it.


Either way, thank you for your time.



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I believe I found the property you were talking about and made the change, but it doesn't seem to have significantly changed anything.


Here is the new file and a picture to better demonstrate the problem. As you can see, there is a "cone" of what I'm assuming are textures, as there is no mesh there, going from the bunny tail to a point on the ground.





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Hi Matrix Prime.


Looks like a skinning problem after I checked in nifskope; seems like you have rigged using a long tail. Just load in Max or blender, delete any bones, load the human female body you want, and rig it again. Just make sure it only moves with the pelvis movement using the weight painting tools.


If you have problems, just tell me what body you use and I'll rig it for you.

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