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2016 and FNV here I come...again....for the 3rd time

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So here I am again! Back into FNV. 


Given the recent Skyrim Remaster announcement that its going to be 64bit and comes with bloom, new textures, volumetric rays and all that good stuff that we have had for years but now I don't know whether its backwards compatible with existing mods and tools such as a 64bit Mod Organizer and SKSE......blah blah blah


I have decided to revisit Fallout NV! Until Skyrim sorts it self out! 


Now its been many a years, so I have been busy reading up and posting on all sorts of forums. Those whom are also frequent redditors and those whom visit other modding communities will likely see this post as well, please feel free to provide me with any insight that I may have overlooked or missed during my time away from the strip. 


Now from what I have gathered, I have compiled the following list of essentials:


1. Mod Organizer for FNV (Which is the same as the one for Skyrim);

2. NVSE v5.0b3 (the beta cause I like to live life dangerously);

3. 4G Loader updated; 

4. Onetweak;

5. Loot;

6. NVSR;

7. Merge Plugins Standalone <= Not sure whether it uses FNVedit or TES5edit;

8. FNV Edit;

9. Wyre Flash/MatorSmash;

10. FNV Lodgen;

11. ENB (Haven't chosen a preset yet, probably Enhanced Shaders? Recommendations plx plx);

12. Yukichigai Unofficial Patch;

13. MCM; and

14. NVAC


Am I missing anything essential modding tool or fixes? Any memory patches that I may have missed? 


EDIT: Type 3 body is hidden! Any suggestions? I know there are plenty of Type 3 bodies floating around, but what is the most popular one to date.

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Well, I'm not sure how helpful this particular advice is for your query, since I'm in pretty much the same boat having just come back to FNV to give it another go, but I've been watching some videos by a guy named Gopher to get a handle on how to use Mod Organizer since I've never personally used it (I previously used FOMM) and aside from ones you've already listed his videos for MO include the mods 'Darnified UI', OneHud, and User Interface Organizer (UIO). I'm assuming those are what you mean by essential mods? Another mod worth mentioning that also came up in the videos I've watched so far and have previously used is Project Nevada. I'm not sure if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, though. I'd personally consider it essential, not the least of which for the ability for headshots on unprotected heads to ignore DT being of utmost importance for sniping and combat realism in general, but you may feel differently; regardless, I figured I'd mention it.


Other mods I can suggest as well that I consider essential that are very minor in size but personally very useful are the No Fast Travel and Wasteland Explorer mods; No Fast Travel simply disables the fast travel system so that you're not tempted to use it and thus must absolutely travel across the game the good old fashioned way, and Wasteland Explorer gives you an empty quest you can select that is basically there to give you a way to turn off the active quest marker as it has no marker and thus you just explore about as desired with no game-defined goal.


I may have other mods to suggest later on as well; I don't know. I'm about to start watching the 4th of Gopher's FNV MO videos which apparently may suggest some other mods that may be of interest to me and/or you. I'll report back here if so.

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Update: From watching Gopher's 4th FNV MO video the following mods also appear to be essential/useful:

"NVEC BugFixes"

"NVEC Reduce CTD"

(edit: it seems like these two mods might no longer be needed and/or conflict with YUP? Gopher's videos on the matter are over a year old now, after all, so I suppose some of the info is out of date as some of the mods used like YUP have been updated since then. I'm still reading up on it)


I'm also looking into getting New Vegas Redesigned 3 which apparently vastly upgrades the NPC designs and other related details in the game to make the characters fit their voices and the lore and generally seems to be something that will improve immersion greatly.

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