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Can't Create NavMesh Triangle...

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I created a house. Right now, I try to correct the exterior navmesh.

First, I removed the triangles under the house.

I can created on few places, but it doesn't let me created in front of the main door, and the some stairs that I created. There are no triangles under these parts. I didn't understand the problem.


If you can help me anyway, I'll really appreciate.






I recognized also, there is green bars where I can't create triangles. I tried to delete them. However I delete them, it was not helpful.

What are these green bars worked for?






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If you are in n exterior cell, then keep in mind that the navmesh has to stay completely in a single cell.

A navmesh cannot cross multiple cells.

Two navmeshes of two adiacent exterior cells can be joined by edges.


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