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NPC from one mod into location of another mod?

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Changing masteries might have unforseen consecuenses. You can do this:

- Open Both mod A and B in TES5edit

- Go to mod A, look for the NPC, right click on it and select "copy as override" and select NEW plugin (name it something like "Mod A NPC relocator")

- In your new plugin change the NPCs location to whatever zone from mod B you want. This will make our new plugin have both mod A and mod B as masters

- Save new plugin


Mod A and Mod B will remain untouched, allowing you to update and reinstalling them at will

Mew plugin will have the effet you want and to undo it you only need to disable it 

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If you are only going to be using TES5Edit, then creating an additional plugin that makes the desired changes would work just fine. If you also need to use the CK to make the desired changes, then simply creating an additional plugin without flagging mod A and B as ESMs will not work. At least, in my experience, that has always been the case.

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