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Porting ZAZ Furniture to FO4


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I took it upon myself to port some stuff from ZAZ into FO4 and see what I could do.


The result of my bumbling:



Now if I could get it all ported I'd upload it as a modder's resource. I can only assume this would be a welcomed bit out work out of the way when the big boys know how to get furniture animations working. I'm posting this now because of a few reasons:


1. The objects are at a wonky angle! Nothing looks amiss in NifSkope/3dsmax but when they get in-game... well you saw the result above ^^

2. I'm a noob at this so I have no idea how to add collision.


If xaz doesn't get back to me in some arbitrary amount of time I'll just assume he's fine with me porting his stuff and continue doing what I'm capable of. If he ever asks afterward for it to be removed, I will gladly do so. In the meantime, any insight would be appreciated biggrin.png

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Guest endgameaddiction

If you don't explicitly have permission, It'll get taken down. You can't upload anything here without permission. Whether it's through the modders description or via PM or public. I suggest you wait until you get permission.

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Taken from this thread: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-2016-03-31/


Giving Credit

Honestly, We don't expect much from anyone who wants to use these Assets in his/her Mods. All We want is to know where they are being used and mostly likely a link. So We can take a look too. So Please let Us know if you're using stuff from here.



I wouldn't have gone ahead with this otherwise. I sent a message to confirm my assumption.

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Its fine to show off the work your doing to convert it, but its considered logical to wait for any type of release until you hear back from either the mod author or a moderator on site that could in rare cases let you go ahead and post it.  Just later on if original mod author ends up doing their own conversion to F4 they may ask to you to take it down, or on some cases they just help update the mod.


In any case keep on doing what your doing, perhaps by seeing this the author will pop in and say its ok.

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