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Strange Shadow Glitches

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So I have a strange problem here. My shadows in my game have disappeared. They do not show up in the game world, or anywhere else. But here's the really strange bit: whenever I step into an area where the shadows would be black areas flicker across the screen in odd patterns like shown in my screenshots.


I'm not entirely sure about which mod(s) are causing this, and I've tried running LOOT and BOSS but nothing has worked as of yet.




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Only use LOOT for load order BOSS is old outdated and no longer being supported or updated. What ENB are you using? If you are using one try disabling it and seeing it that is causing it. Might also be your graphics card taking a dump.

Well there's sorta where my problem. It only started when I got rid of ENB and before I upgraded to an ATI radeon HD 3600. I'll try reinstalling ENB to see if that works

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You might have to make a copy of your skyrim.ini file then delete it and start skyrim the normal way without using SKSE so that the skyrim game screen pops up and it'll make you a new ini file.

So I tried making new .ini files (for both skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini) and reinstalled ENB but still no shadows.

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