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so i want to make an upload (my 1st) but I have a question about permissions


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:shy:  so I made a custom preset for FNIS PCEA2, it was created and curated for the women in skyrim

I ended up mixing several animations in each thematic module. like a Chun Li based unarmed module

(theres also a Mortal Kombat themed one too) that has attack animations from evanoblivion (from nexus)

and the unarmed idle from dualsun (also from nexus),I also made 1 handed swords, sneaking, walking,

and others like that where i would take animations from one mod and pair it up with some from

another mod (or more). Theyre made to be badass (as fuck) and sexy (as fuck)

.QUESTION IS: what happens if one person fails to grant me permission to use their animation

that is incorporated into my custom FNIS PCEA 2 preset? Can I still share my preset with you guys?  :blush:



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The question is: did said person explicitly state he does not grant you permission, or did he simply not respond?


If he failed to answer within a reasonable time frame you *could* upload the mod stating this, and disclaiming that should the mod author return to the scene and wish his content removed you will comply.


Otherwise, you cannot share it without first removing his content.


The thing about the modding scene is that people have a real life, and move on or are otherwise incapable of responding at rather unfortunate frequencies. Mods who's authors have gone MIA for an extended period of time are treated as abandon-ware when their authors state they must be contacted for permission (as that is simply an impossibility).


The above is assuming the author did not state that he does not grant permission under any circumstances. If that's the case then - again - you will have to remove his content before uploading.


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