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HDT belly distort and stretch to a point, help please?

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im having belly stretching to a point with HDT, i cant seem to find a solution, i wanted to upload the pict but im now allowed to i dont know why, the problem occurs when im jumping, crouching, or doing animations, and lying on the ground. I've tried reinstalling XPMSE in case maybe it got overwritten but it didnt work, im guessing the problem came from the HDT i installed? I've installed Havok Breast Physics, Havok Objects. And I've tried equipping HDT Wolf Tails it got misaligned, its stuck on the air and not my character's butt, i've searched everywhere and everyone said to reinstall XPMSE, so i end up starting new topic here

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To post images you need at least 5 posts. So the next one will be OK to post images.


About the "stretching" it is usually a skeleton problem. but because you said you tried that already, then check your HDT config files, maybe some of them are too extreme, or not considering the belly node in the correct way.


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