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OMG mannequins

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I'm kinda surprised no ones done it yet, make a nude mannequin mod. Sure Elinora has made a life like mannequin mod that lets you make poses, but one that turns all of the mannequins in game into nude busty females. Then again, it was a long time before someone made nude statues of Nocturne, Meridia, and Azura for Skyrim. Or as MXR says "Big titteh statues". Tho that brings me to another point, are there really that many Mannequins in Boston? I can't go 5 minutes in game without running into one. Early in the game I swore that there was going to be a creepy house in the commonwealth with tons of mannequins inside it, dim dark atmosphere and they come to life and attack you like some horror movies.

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DDProductions made a mannequin mod a while back, like before the ck came out. You can set poses, and you can have mannequins of companions and some of the main NPCs.


yeah and there are at least two others too that i remember trying while i was playing fo4.

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