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NifSkope problem.

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So, I posted a thread a couple days back saying I had a problem with eye reflections, at certain angles my standalone follower's eyes would become completely white. I was told to copy NiAdditionalGeometry from one mesh to another. Thing is, I can't get it to go where it needs to. It should look like this (pay attention to the left, the right doesn't matter.):


But instead I get this:


No matter how I copy paste it, it just won't work.


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Your second picture doesn't show, so not sure what you're getting..


Do this;

- Copy Branch from the nif you're copying from

- In the nif you're copying to, highlight the root BSFadeNode, right-click - Block - Paste Branch. It'll fall to the bottom of all the nodes, that's fine.

- Expand the eyes NiTriShape and highlight the NiTriShapeData block. In the block details scroll down and find the line Additional Data.

- Double click in the value field of Additional Data and enter the block number of the new branch you just pasted in. That'll set it where it needs to be.


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Choose the NiTriShape 19 in Blocklist.

In block details scroll down to "Num Extra Data List".

Increase the value. If 0 then enter 1. (By doubleclicking on the value)

Afterwards doubleclick on the refreshicon (green double arrow) in "Extra Data List" (directly below).


Now ist should a new entry be present with the value "None".

Double-clicking on a value of "None", and enter the number (in your case 66) and press Enter.

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