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Male content for FO4 - links and more

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Following in the footsteps of a similar topic in the Skyrim forums I guess it is time to start a thread that will make it easier to find and discuss mods for FO4 that are dedicated to the male player and non-player characters. 
Some of them can be M2M (gay) oriented. others not. 
There are already lots of mods for FO4 and it can be easy to miss some. If you find some cool male-oriented mods, please post them here. 
For now I'm just going to list mods, without putting them under categories. I'm going to try to organize them in a near future - when there are more of them.
Post updated on 08 Jan 2017 


Enhanced Vanilla Bodies (EVB)
The best human nude male replacer currently available. Offers 4 different variations - cut/uncut/soft/erect. 

Lewd CommonWealth Conversion
Fighting raiders with this mod is extremely entertaining.  It includes it's own male/female body replacers and revealing edits of some vanilla outfits. The author is working on more outfits and hopefully there will be an update soon.


Nude SHB LCC Male body

Nude version of Super Hero Bodies with bodyslide support


EVB Birthday Suit

Craftable nude body variations that work as outfits. Independent of what the main body replacer is used.


Additional Body Textures - Ghouls and more for CBBE and EVB
Adds support for naked ghouls. 


Nude Male Ghoul Textures for EVB or Nude SHB

Adds Textures for Male Ghoul's sensitive parts


Pubes for male EVB
Conversion of the "3D pubic hair for CBBE and SOS" from Skyrim. Works well with the Lumberjack mod.
Cockout - Revealing male vanilla outfits for EVB
Refit of more than 40 vanilla outfits to EVB with revealifying edits. 
Nude Raider Corpse Decoration Replacer
Replaces the corpses raiders use as a warning outside and around their base with naked versions. (Offers a male only version)

Beefy Dudes
Another variation of EVB.

M-skin for EVB

Five kinds of face texture and two kinds of body texture


Youthful Male Skin for EVB

Comes in Normal, Flushed and Nevernude Normal.


All Male Revue Pinup
Replaces most of the pictures in the game with vintage male erotic images.
Male Take Over - MTO
Makes all generic (unnamed) NPC male.  


Faction Recruitment Pinups

Faction propaganda posters
Craftable Display Mannequins
With this you can have manequins that look like Elder Maxson, Danse and more to display your treasures ( or simply leave them naked).
Leatherized BadBoy Bobbleheads
Retexture Bobbleheads in the leatherized BadBoy.
Horny Pip-boy
Horny vault boy as a background for your Pip-boy
Immersive wasteland streaking
Penis Envy
Jockstrap for Wasteland jocks
IWS was the first nude male mod for FO4 as far as I know.




Other NSFW


Commonwealth Nudist Colonies

Vault 81, the Institute, Covenant, and prewar Sanctuary become clothing optional communities.


Nude Chrome Bodysuits

Sexy Chrome Bodysuits, similar to what the Silver Surfer wears, without covering the face.


Glass or Transparent Aluminum Combat Armor

This mod creates a standalone Combat Armor that is transparent, like Glass.


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Post updated on 08 Jan 2017





Super Hero Bodies
A BodySlide compatible, fully customizable male body

Super Hero Bodies - SHB Refits
Refits the vanilla outfits for the Super Hero Body - with BodySlide support.


Man Bulge

Adds bulges to the vanilla outfits


Younger Male Face Texture

Does exactly what the name says


Shirtless Outfits

Creates new in game items for a Shirtless outfit with either Jeans, Jeans and a Lettermans Jacket, or Denim Coveralls.


The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition

Beautiful eyes for the men and women of the Commonwealth


HD Smile

Better teeth for the men and women of the Commonwealth


More Manly Muscles

More detailed normal maps for males to achieve that waste lander physique


AlexScorpions Male Body Retexture

Male body retexture with new color, normal and specular map.



NPC Replacers


Companion Overhaul 9000 GTX Supernova

Gives the human (and synth human) companions new faces and new custom armours.






Natural Expression Fix(NOMORE CARTOON FACE )

Fix all of face expression (human male and female)

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I am currently using this in my play through and I think its great  http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12197/?


I not sure if i am the only one, but its linking me to nothing. Nexus is telling me nothing is there. What has been going on with Fallout 4 mods recently? I have noticed a LOT of mods just disappearing into thin air!



Your not the only one it goes to nothing for me to. But  I think a lot of authors are taking down their mods cause of all the piracy that has been happening with Bethesda.net

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Nude Raider Corpse Decoration Replacer


Replaces the corpses raiders use as a warning outside and around their base of operations with naked versions.

Offers male only version. Based (and requires) on EVB.



Hi prinyo, Im the author of the MTO mod. Thank you for listing my mod here. I know it is currently not working with game version 1.6+ but i hope to have a corrected version sometime soon.


Looking forward to using it again!  :)

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Added to the SFW list.

I hope there will be news soon about the NSFW part  :)



Actually the original author of SHB just officialized the mod as "discontinued", after PM'ing me about it, so I'll be handling it from now on, however I can. At least until I do all the stuff pending (DLC armors, nude versions of the body and such). ^w^'

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Hi prinyo, Im the author of the MTO mod. Thank you for listing my mod here. I know it is currently not working with game version 1.6+ but i hope to have a corrected version sometime soon.


Looking forward to using it again!  :)


Alright, for now, I have version 3.5 uploaded on the Nexus.  Within the Files Section, the "Updates" contains the original MTO files...or at least the ones people were saying were causing problems (i.e., Miscellaneous Males, Enemy Males, etc.).  The "Optional" section contains files for the DLCs.


Please go take a look and try it out.  I am unable to fully test it myself until the newest version of FO4 SKSE comes out.

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oUo wow im surprised my mod popped up on this page... I mean i just recently made it XD (referring to Nude SHB LCC Male Body Conversion): http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18071/?


actually i was going to ask if anyone can help me add:


Custom textures (that work together for the dick and bod)

Physics (for the genitals) 


but yea if anyone can help with that just lemme know on my nexus page or here (though ill be more likely to respond to you on my nexus page/ private messages)


-actually if we could use http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3545/? (simple male redux) body textures (cuz i believe the mod author said theyre no longer working on the mod and anyones allowed to use it)) then it would be simpler cuz all that needs to be done is to make this texture into a nude texture for the body and then try to make genital textures that go along with it... but i cant photoshop for crap so ... i need help :C 

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Some time ago i found very nice combination of mods for barbarian (Grognak) outfit...

Grab male meshes from this mod:


And grab textures from this mod:


Combine them, and you will get a much more revealing loincloth, with proper equipment under it:




Sadly some small clipping errors is presented (wich described on page of first mod.

I only wish that Wildman rags (fur version of Grognak outfit, that can be found in NukaWorld DLC) had such mods... It has much better looking boots and bracers than Grognak's one

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