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Mour follower armor disable


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Hi, I just installed the Mour follower http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74511/? , she is sexy, she's got an edited argonian body with a tail (I deleted the tail, works fine without it) but she keeps equipping an armor Ghorza's heavy armor which is automatically added to her inventory when she has no other armor for the torso slot. How can I prevent the mod autoadding and autoequipping the armor? Thanks! I tried to look in some mod's pex scripts and I also tried deleting them but that didn't help. (I also deleted the armor but then her most of her body is invisible, so she tries to equip it anyways although the texture doesn't exist).
Thanks for responses.
btw I want her to wear Gothic Lolita http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17727/ dress and accessories which suit her personality and look.

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Edit the mod in CK, edit the NPC, remove the "Outfit", and maybe create a new one with the items you want, then set it to the NPC.

No need to change scripts. Usually.


Thanks, I will try it, I hope I will find creation kit somewhere. xD Because this version of skyrim didn't have it enclosed.

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Use Extensible Follower Framework. Set in MCM to use it through dialogue. Well I am not sure about exact steps how force wear it. But after few tries wolf armor appears in her inventory and as soon as I remove it she will equip other items she has in bag

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