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weird .tmp files created when going online ??


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i have noticed that lately allot of these weird types of .tmp are being created then erased after a few seconds. anyone know what is going on ??


it will look like file ~DF1EB9FB642303FFB5.tmp somthing really big sometimes smaller like wer*.tmp tmp40CF.tmp WER267E.tmp.resp.erc.xml etc.. 

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Haven't seen that one before.



I sometimes see this one on 7. Not sure what creates it but possibly a Windows thing.


wer*.tmp WER267E.tmp.resp.erc.xml

Never seen those either but looks like they are a bunch of temporary files created by WER (Windows Error Reporting). Either not removed properly or left there due to some configuration problem or perhaps that's a thing in newer Windows. See if there's any WER report inside the AppData folder created on the same date.

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