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CBBE/HDT Physics Gone Awry

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So I've been converting bodies using bodyslide for my female elf, so far most of them work. I got a few nice ones from Loverslab threads as well. But recently I got one from them on the Nexus that is a CBBE/HDT conversion of the Sotteta Necromancer Outfit. I try to use it and my textures are deformed, my character's chest is mashed in on the right and adjusting the sliders screws it up. Here's a image to my before and after, you can see the changes with the body mesh when it's loaded.



Also here is my load list. - http://pastebin.com/GEHctz65

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That is some shitty weight painting. Outfit Studio can fix that.


and that is a metric fuckton of shitty scripthanging in your magic and combat sections, not that your probably going to listen to removing it, aaaand two directly competing weather mods.

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Well can you actually give a fix instead of bad criticism? That would help out a shit ton. Thanks.


KSHairdos - HDT .esp in slot number 80 of your Load Order


Requires an additional download file that will fix the HDT Physics up to work with HDT Bodies.


Don't know why that author doesn't have that in big bold letters its not like people don't want to use HDT bodies or anything with Sexlab :D

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