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Weird bug with losing player controls.

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This only seem to happen after an sexact like it is not releasing it self correctly. but enbleplayercontrols also not working is there another command i can use to regain control i can still look around but unable too move.

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sound like an script didnt stop. wich sex mod did you use when this happen ? i remember this problem happened some time ago in some mod like sexlab or CPU brothel. it was an script trouble if i remember good, that didnt not stop correctly and continued to run after the end of animation.

cant help alot with that, but i m sure the mod creator can help easy, because this trouble get fixed quickly

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I've noticed that bug recently as well. Sometimes I'm unable to move / access my inventory and there's some slight delay in between actions, especially during sex attacks from Cursed Loot. Apparently using the universal key (Y) for Private Needs 4.0, and popping up the menu, fixes the problem for some reason. I have no idea what's causing it though.

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