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Sheson patch or hdtSkyrimMemPatch?


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   I Been having stutter and lag so been testing things. Just happened to remove the HDTskyrimmempatch files, and play is significantly smoother and much lag is gone. I already had Sheson’s patch (and or the SKSE lines), and ENBOOST. I never knew why to have hdtmem patch, it was just included wit the hdt package I received. I had that patch set at defaults and not change any settings.


So could the hdtmem patch be conflicting wit those? Not good to have all three maybe. Is one Mem patch better than other?


Also I have  hdtPhysicsExtensions.ini that is set at


numThreads = 0

solverBufferSizeInKBs = 4096

solverTau = 0.8

solverDamp = 0.8

solverIterations = 8

solverMicrosteps = 1

enableDeactivation = false


are those correct setting? Thank you

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Thanks you. I use a older enb. 252 I think and the enbboost that came with that. Very happy with the set up I have. Is it imperative that I use .305 ? And why did removing hdtmempatch make such a large improvement with my lag? Maybe the mempatch fighting with Sheson's?

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hdt fights with everything, which is why I recommended .305, Boris has introduced a memory allocation scheme that should allow both to co-exist.


Personally I also had to remove it, .305 did nothing to help with hdt's issues.

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