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Skyrim CTD ingame and when I want to launch it after.

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Hi everyone, I have a problem with Skyrim, it has some random CTD's and sometimes when I load my save it crashes too. I see no problems in my mods and my [Memory] setting in the skse.ini are defaultHeapInitialAllocMB=1280 and scrapHeapSizeMB=512, the strange thing is, that if I restart my computer the bug is gone and can replay Skyrim (most of the times, if it doesn't work I check the "missing files" in steam). Do you know what is the problem please ?



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Well I edited the memory allocation to 1280 and 512 because of the CTD's (before the modification I had 768 and 256)... Also it crashes randomly and after when I try to load a save, but I can access the main menu.


Also, I have this problem:



I think it's related to my arousal increasing but when my arousal has been lowered it still stayed on the screen for like 30 min (after that I just stopped playing because it was impossible with this vision)


PS: I have a very bad english level, sorry. :angel:

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The transparent people might be being caused by the ENB. Try turning it off and see if it goes away. CTD is pretty common when loading saves especially if they use scripts because when you load a save it tries to load all of those things from all of the mods up at one time which will cause the game to crash.


Older computers seem to get it more. One way to bypass it is to load the game when you to the load screen hit the ~ key and type in COC qasmoke this will warp you to the games testinghall then load the save you were trying to load it should now load up fine.

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Well my computer is not old, it was produced in 2014 so I don't think that it is because of that. Also, each modification of the game (like adding a mod) makes skyrim crash and I have to restart the computer to make it work again.


EDIT: I disabled the ENB and now I'm blind. (the brightness destroyed my eyes in the dark), and I still see double.




EDIT2: I did find the problem for the weird vision, it comes from the mod "Succubus Life", I want to desinstall it but first I have to drink a potion. He wrote in the desinstallation procedure: "Uninstallation : you can get a "cure succubus (debug)" potion using the console. Drinking it will remove the succubus status and related bonuses. Once that's done, you should be able to safely deactivate the mod. You can then delete the esp file and scripts starting with "asl" in your scripts folder."


I don't really understand the "find the potion with the console" part, can someone explain it to me please ?


EDIT3: I uninstalled Succubus Life without drinking the potion before and I still have the double vision, so or it is the mod that causes the bug and I have to drink the potion before uninstallingthe mod, or it is something else.

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You need to know the name of the potion. Open the console using the ~ key and type in help potion name. Maybe try succubus. Once you find the right one type in player.additem item ID number 1 where 1 is how many of that item you want.


It is generally a good idea if you remove/uninstall a mod that uses scripts that you start a new game because even if the mod is removed/uninstalled it's scripts are still active in your save file and thus will still be there causing problems. Or you can try to use a save cleaner to clean the save of any leftover scripts.


I just threw the ENB out there as it might of been the cause as lighting can cause transparency. When a ENB is turned you might have to start the game normal way without using SKSE so that it can make new .ini files for you to replace the ones that the ENB might of altered.

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Well I tried all your advices but I still see double, sigh, I have no choice but to restart a game. Is there commands to make quests achieved and locations discovered please ?


EDIT: I have done a new save and the problem is still here, when I quit the game and then launch it again and load my new game save it still crashes. So does it means that I'm going to use the command COC qasmoke everytime ?


EDIT2: I restarted the game, edited my SKSE.ini file again to put defaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 and scrapHeapSizeMB=256 again, but I still have crashes like between 2 and 5 min.

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