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Project ENB, very high bloom and contrast


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Hi there,


I am trying to replicate the graphics of Brodual

I'm doing everything that should be done with the Project ENB. I edit the ini files as described in the Project ENB page, install Climates of Tamriel, set the game brightness to minimum and use the Realistic/Option E (extreme performance) of the ENB.
Indoors everything is beautiful but outside the bloom and brightness are very high, and the shadows are pixelated (they are set to Ultra and indoors they are as they should). Look at the attached screenshots.
Brightness is 0, AA is Off, and still something is not right : \
I have also attached Skyrim.zip containing my Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.inii and enblocal.ini
What could be possibly wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I just love how this ENB looks. 







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posted the wrong enb stuff, what we need to see is your series.ini or the series folder if it was done old school style, because that's where the actual D-N-I settings and bloom is.


Set your shadow quartering to four and your shadowsplit and filter also to 4, set your shadow resolution to 4096


Of course me saying this means your "extreme performance" is going to go to absolute shit, and that's the reason yours doesn't look like theirs, they're playing on a 970.

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