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SublimePapyrus Updated for Fallout 4


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Just thought I would interrupt the flow of Bethesda conspiracy theories to post a constructive note.


I've been trying to figure out what the best workflow setup is given the tools we have. SublimePapyrus being a must have, I was happy to find that the author already updated it to work with Fallout 4 (while still keeping your Skyrim config available also).


Get it here: https://github.com/Kapiainen/SublimePapyrus


If you were using an old version for Skyrim, you'll need to replace your user config with the new config structure.


If you were not using this for Skyrim that is insane. Download it now.




Semi-related questions:


Are we going to adhere to the implied script folder structure (a "user" folder for mod scripts and leaving the "base" folder alone)?


Why is ArmorAddon.psc missing? Was that an over-sight or is there something new about that script?

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Really not liking the syntax highlighting for this version of the sublime plugin. Symbols and function calls are all the same color, making it harder to immediately tell at a glance where in a chain of commands the symbols, calls, or parameters are. Much prefer the highlighting of the SublimePapyrus package over on Package Control.



Old SublimePapyrus's highlighting:



New packages highlighting:



Though I'm liking the additional features (not counting the obvious Fallout 4 support) that this one has, and it's much easier to setup for development in a Mod Organizer environment. Hopefully they improve the highlighting, probably going to stick to the old one for Skyrim development till then.

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