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hair and sperm effects

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There is no "genital only sperm effect" ! it's not possible.


read this post (1011)



Edit: was the answer to your question in the LAPF thread. It's a shader/layer which covers the whole body.

It works like a waterfall mesh: sperm/water runs from top to bottom. The texture runs in a loop so you don't see a break.

If you look at the pictures ( in game and the sperm texture)  you'll see that the texture is used about 4 times on the body ( from top to bottom ) . So if you use a sperm texture with only one sperm spot you have 4 (8) spots on the body ( 4 front and 4 back )


If you create a texture with "only" sperm on the pubic you will have 3 other spots ( on legs, below breasts, on head. And also on the back of the body)

You can shut off the "run down" effect , so you have always sperm on the pubic, but also the other spots on the body.

So it is impossible to reduce the sperm on the genitals !!!


See my post in the LAPF thread how to reduce the sperm to the middle of the body. That's all you can do ( Reduce to the middle, and smaller drops.)


pubic hair texture ??? There are so many HGEC textures.


And you can add pubic hair to your textures


In the Bonus pack -19021.7z is a pds file with blonde, brown, dark, red ,white pubic hair . You can add it to your favorite texture ( with PhotoShop, Gimp or Paint.net )

Also in the main pack are textures with pubic hair.

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