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Sayonara (R&Z's Fighters)

Guest Saiyajin_Roze*

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Guest Saiyajin_Roze*



I finally got a new computer and thought about coming back to modding.

I started to fix and improve a few things like UV and nipples for 1.5 release but I decided to retire from any DOA related modding... forever...


I recently had a talk with one of the greatest game designer ever... who also is an amazing human being and optionally... some well known hot girls' dad. Yes, I'm talking about "Him".

Long story short, I feel like I'm betraying him modding DOA characters this way. And I do not want to betray my friends, nor respectful people.


I hope you guys will understand and respect my choices.



What will happen to R&Z's Fighters now ?


I already deleted all my files from here, and I will ask you to not re-use/re-upload them (please).


  • If you already released something involving my work, I won't ask you to delete it, that would be stupid. But please, do no use my work anymore for any new project.


  • Every texture I edited/merged (Whole body texture, pubic hair, and also normal maps) should no be used/re-used/re-uploaded anymore. Original (not edited by me) textures and normal maps from Harry Palmer, Galhound, Osiri and Holdenmcclure belongs to them. You can use their original ones with their permission.

To keep it simple, do not use/re-use/re-upload body textures and normal maps included in R&Z's Fighters and Zero's Fighters.


  • EXCEPT Kasumi and Ayane meshes, EVERY R&Z's Fighters mesh included in 1.1 release has been made and merged by Raz'. He obviously owns them, so you can use his work with his permission.

To keep things simple: please, do not use/re-use/re-upload Kasumi and Ayane's meshes.

Also, please, do not use/re-use/re-upload Momiji, Tina, Leifang and Mila's meshes included in pre-1.1 versions of R&Z's Fighters, or included in Zero's Fighters.


  • If you gave me credits because you used my files: thanks ! Now you can freely remove my name from credits (please). DO NOT REMOVE Raz' ! (unless he said so).


  • If you already downloaded this mod for personal use and are enjoying it, then... keep enjoying tongue.png ! and don't forget to add Raz' Mai Shiranui to your collection !



Special thanks to everyone who has helped me or has been involved in this work.

I learned a lot thanks to you guys.


Thanks for your understanding and happy modding everyone !

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.


Sayonara !






To Raz':


Thanks for everything. This mod has been released thanks to your hard work and your kind help.


All the amazing mods you already released, which are based on R&Z's Fighters, do not need to be edited nor deleted (obviously).


If you planned to do so, feel free to re-upload your own pack under your own name, including all the meshes you merged by yourself as long as you do not re-use edited textures included in our releases. Every TMC/TMCL file included in the latest releases have seen it's body and normal map textures overwritten with my edited ones. Both alpha layers were also edited. You will need to make Kasumi and Ayane's mesh,  merge Osiri and Holden's original textures by yourself and add the details you need (hair, fingers, feets or whatever), but I am sure you can handle this easily. The hardest thing was to merge 2 different meshes together and you nailed it !

Actually, you could have made this whole mod by yourself...


Sayonara buddy !

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Very nice work !

I had tought to do it my self, because those are my two favorites body (HDM 3.36 for top & osiri for the lower body).

Thank you to share your work. And thank to original author of this great mods. :cool:




PERFECT !!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:



Could you make the complete set using timmy's converter ?

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i'm already work on an Ayane pack based on this mod (with timmy's converter tool). Due to neck seams I modfiied color of the texture body (more lighter).

I think I'll update all my Kasumi mods with this body.


Thank again. To my taste, you did the ultimate body :)

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Don't be too hard with yourself, for your first mods, you really do a great job. Even in originals DOA outfits there's many glitchs...


Last DLC for Tina :



No comments...


I'm surprised that's my method don't fix this bug. I've fixed one of my not released mods with this method.

I'll check that ASAP


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-What about the other girls ?
I haven't planned to do any other girl but Kasumi and Ayane at first, but... modding is quite fun.
So I will add other characters if there is some demand for them. Feel free to ask smile.png


May as well put in a request then wink.png. Are you able to do a Hitomi mod and maybe one for Lisa and Mila too?


I assume you plan to do all of the girls eventually at some point though right?

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