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  1. No worries, I'm patient. I'm trying to do it myself, BTW, but I never messed with Unreal Engine before. I'm having a hard time. And my daily schedule doesn't allow for as much time spent on modding (and mostly learning how to mod) as it did on my DOA5 days (and even then I didn't make a lot of stuff) So basically all I can do is hope that someone more capable than myself does it 😅
  2. Yeah, I don't see it happening either. Then again, the game doesn't need it. The mods people are making for it are awesome. Although it would be nice to see some male nudity added.
  3. Oh, he just added Lili to the mix. Which, by the way, also changes Miriam's Bunnymorphosis. Also, you can mix it with thor777's "Classic Bunny Colors" mod to make the bunny suit black instead of blue. Noodtiddies's Sexy Monsters: https://www.nexusmods.com/bloodstainedritualofthenight/mods/9 thor777's Classic Bunny Colors: https://www.nexusmods.com/bloodstainedritualofthenight/mods/14
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/bloodstainedritualofthenight/mods/9 It's awesome.
  5. Ok, NOW that you've worked your magic I can go ahead and buy DOA6. You really should get some compensation from KT. You're selling their software! About the feet... I also see no way around that, really. One "solution" would be to not reshape their feet, which would make it so they were always standing on their tiptoes and a bit off the ground. Which would probably be even weirder. Although... Saaf-sama, would it be possible to just leave them with shoes on? I know quite a few people who would be turned on by that. ... Now hang on a second while I cal
  6. Omg, is this for real? Asks for help; Help is given in a fucking awesome way - it was clearly a lot of work to make a tutorial of something that complex with so much detail and information. funnybunny666 is a hero; Complains that help is not enough because it's written in English. If you were expecting it to be quick and easy... well, it's not. But the tools were given to you. Do your homework and you'll probably be able to make your mod.
  7. Wow. I'd start with something simpler, but what the hell. Go for it. Who knows? Maybe you're the next great modder.
  8. That's actually not something quick and easy to do. It's quite a bit of work. You could do it yourself, though. It's not easy, but it's clearly not impossible either. I've done it before and, if I've been able to do it, you can do it too. Although I was more into texture modding myself (which is a lot easier). Anyway, If you have ideas now all that's left is to learn how to apply them. I'd offer help in your learning process, but I've been away for, what, 2 years? I don't remember how to do most of what I did. There were some absolute modding masters
  9. You have NOOOOOOOO idea. It was quite long indeed! But that's my fault. I'm not as present as I once was. In my time, no thread remained untouched by random things. Good random things, mind you. But still. Random.
  10. Why do you think I still come here sometimes? I'm sure you could feel my leeching. Ooops, I meant licking. Um... I mean... yeah. That. Oooooh, that's exciting! I can give you some... textures if you want! Gonna talk to you, but not here on this poor soul's thread. We wouldn't want to make him yet another victim of our random spamstorm, would we? (Yes. Yes, we would. )
  11. Yes. Not all pain is pleasurable, but there certainly are some people who can make you feel pleasure with pain. We'd know that, right? But no! The consequences for mistreating Lola-sama are harsh! Severe!!! It involves whipping and ass-spanking. I'm sure no one would like that, right?
  12. IIRC, there's a command that "saves" an appearance as the default for a costume when you're on the character select screen. I believe it's CTRL+0 or something like that, but I could be wrong since there's been a while. Doing that, whenever the game tries to load that costume, it will load the one you've set instead.
  13. I've been away for a while, but I had to intervene. She must and will ALWAYS be referred to as "Lola-sama". Or else there will be consequences.
  14. Hey Guacha23. I totally get what you're saying. I mean, I clearly haven't done anything close to what you've done for the community, so I'm not directly comparing my case to yours. I wouldn't. But I did feel the (for the lack of a better word) "love" going away some time ago. That's (part of) why I left. I show up sometimes, take a look at stuff... but never engage in anything. I can't help but feel that the passion that used to live here... kinda went away. Save for a few great modders, of course, who are trying to keep the community afloat. Who are still passionate for this game.
  15. Well, I'm a bit out of touch since I haven't been doing it since forever... But have you tried creating a folder inside your HONOKA folder, and giving this new folder a number? This number, if I remember correctly, should be the number of the dlc slot of the costume you want to add the mod to. If you want to add your mods to costume number 12, this folder should be called 12. Try that and see if it works... Place the mods inside this numbered folder.
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