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  1. My mods have been online for more than two years. I created over 300 mods for this game and shared them for free with everyone without ever asking for anything in return! I have no lessons to receive from you. If you're not happy create your own mods!
  2. Lesquels ? Pas envie de chercher, dis moi quels liens sont morts et je les remettrais en ligne Thank you
  3. Made by Osiri Available on his thread
  4. RAZ'S Unreleased work (A stupid name since it is now available ) NSNFB 1.2 80+ mods All screenshots are in the archive. I'm too lazy to uploaded them ^^ As usual, link on the first page This time I officially retire ! Everything i've done so far is online. See you soon
  5. The yellow part is a mesh. Erase it and double side the other mesh (with tmc suke or Object tool)
  6. Thank you Aneox When I see the number of downloads in just two days, it makes me happy the new pack come today In first page I uploaded a fix for Kasumi Before After
  7. I'll release my last pack later today tomorrow (unreleased work) Aneox : Your requests are in this pack
  8. Thanks guys I don't think so Too much modding = less time to play I want to play now. I'm terribly bad at DOA5 you downloaded a transparent pack but you do not like this kind of mods :D Use texture tool and lnk reshuffle : With lnk reshuffle extract the original files and with texture tools extract and replace the original texture. No more transparency For tmc suke, I'll let you find the Sirou's tutorial and do the exact opposite to go back to the original file. Otherwise and I will stop there, you can also extract the meshes from my mods and reinject them in
  9. Thank you I know this body mods is far from perfect but I've spend too much time this last year in DOA modding, If someone want to fix this mods and shared his files here, be my guest. Otherwise you will have to content yourself with this version, sorry
  10. Raz's See Through Pack - Release date 05/11/17 Body : NSNFB 1.2 Content : 105 outfits + 6 bonus (mixed outfits) Sorry for my poor english I work on this pack since February 2017. I've begin the DOA modding in february 2016, I've release more than 350 mods, I can stop now Thanks to "Sirou Take" from Loverslab for his tutorials about transparency A big thanks to everyone who used my mods so far and encouraged me to continue. I will continue to come on the forum but I no longer wish to work on this game. Link is on the first page One last thing : i've a latest pack for you tomorrow
  11. Available in 2h max All high resolution screenshots for those who do not have the game : http://www.mediafire.com/file/j5r628rrpqmz33m/See_Through_Screenshot.7z
  12. Hey guys Just to tell you that my last mods will be release thursday. No delay 3 months of work. About 100 costumes Hope you will like it (last screenshots this time )
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