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I started on a mod like that some time ago. It used the same mechanics from FloppySOS, and worked reasonably well on my setup:




But getting it to work with all the major body mods proved quite a lot of work and I kind of put it in the fridge.


One of the problems is that many body mods reference hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml from their nif files (femalehands, femalehead), while this is totally unneccessary and actually breaks my HDT refresh mechanism... so it only worked on my 7b setup :-/

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Remove xml reference from body mod is easy, is that only problem?

May I have a try with your mod?





Sure, here's a zip.

Some notes:

  • If you have any nif files referencing hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml, the refresh will not work automatically (you will have to save/load to see the difference).
  • Butt and belly settings will only work if your body mesh supports it (i.e. if mesh is weightpainted to butt and belly HDT bones)
  • Only tested on 7b bombshell
  • This is an experimental mod :)

DynaBounce v1.0.zip

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