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Immersive FP Clipping

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So when up closer I notice there's a lot of clipping. So SL and 0Sex can't be used without clipping through the person's face if using an animation that has our faces close to each other. I can't figure out what settings I use to change this. What do I do to 'fix' this so I can use Immersive FP without clipping?



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0S by default doesn't have a profile so it's normal that it would clip. You can ask mod author of 0S if any keyword or faction is added to characters during animation, if so I can make a profile for it. Last time I checked there was no such thing but maybe he has added it since.


SL should be working, it sets near clip value to 1 during SL animation. If it's also not working you can enable debug mode in configuration file, to do that set iDebug to 1 instead of 0. Then check in console if SL profile is activated during animation. If it is and still clipping then check in third person, some animations cause heads of characters to collide and go through each other, nothing I can do to fix that..

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