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Many questions, would appreciate help


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Ok so I've followed a couple of guides around (on this site, others, and on YouTube). I'm starting to understand a good number of things (mostly in relation to Mod Organizer and Load Order). But I have many questions regarding SexLabs, NPCs, the PC (Player Character), Animations, BodySlide, Textures and Meshes (Body) compatibility. Please, if you have the time and patience I would greatly appreciate your assistance.




As I understand it so far, choosing ONE Body "type" is required. I cannot just browser around Nexus and download (well, install) all my favorites, because I now understand that the game is using one Body type only (and Head, Hand and Feet) for everyone, and going by gender I believe (one Body for females, one Body for Males, one Body to bring them all and in the darkness bind them... * coughs * ...sorry I digress). Alright, so I've used BodySlide for a couple of hours, trying stuff. I "get it" well enough so far (I think). However... (here comes the questions; and of course do correct not if, but when I'm wrong):


1) When I BUILD a Body using the Unified UNP 'path' (in the drop down list of available body types to build from) it means that I don't have to go on Nexus to find... say... a body that pleases me that also happens to be either CBBE or UNP specifically... is that correct? So, if I get this right, I'd build a UUNP Body, Feet and Hands meshes. And that 'completed body' will them be used for me AND the NPCs (females) of the entire game. Yeah? That's what I gathered so far.


2) Ok now, my problem with Bethesda games (concerning the "ONE Body for Everyone" limitation I've learned about) is that from Morrowind to Skyrim (passing by Oblivion, Vegas, Fallout 3 and even 4 too) indeed - everyone - look the same. I wasn't sure why until recently, because I genuinely believed that it was either because the devs were too lazy to create variations or the engine itself wasn't "capable" of doing it (or was too much of a headache to do). So... the actual question now, how does one 'force' Skyrim to create variants for NPCs? Well, I have seen (and understood) things about that in my recent research, so more questions on that below...


3) There is a mod called Everybody's Different. I think I know how it works (sort of). One of the optional files is an archive that contains an example of the mod's folders structures it relies on, to use as a "pool" of meshes and textures from which it creates combinations of  NPC variants (now, keep in mind that the previous sentence is rapidly reaching my brain's limits to formulate complex thoughts). Now I extracted that archive to mess around with it and BodySlider in case I'd have an idea (I genuinely did that, it was just "in case I'd figure out something"). I DID figure out something and now I have even more questions popping up in my mind.


3b) Alright, now let's say I go in BodySlider, and using the UUNP Body type I decide to create one I like (duh, everyone does that). Ok, let's call it Body_01 (that "body" includes the feet and hands). Then I'd go in the EBD's folder ("EBD" of course being EveryBody's Different), and following the structure (as described by the mod's author) I would then create ONE folder for EACH Bodies I would have created. So let's say one folder called Body_01, and inside it I place my NIF files. Then a new folder called Body_2, then Body_3. However, for Body 2 and 3, I'd go back to BodySlide, and create a NEW Body with different silder values, then Build it, take those new NIFs and place them for Body 2, repeat the process for the third, etc. Would I do things right so far?


3c) Again related to the above, let's say for a moment that it actually does work that way, and that EveryBody's Different will then randomly give one of the three body 'shapes' I created to a nearby NPC (based on the mod's settings of course, but let's say I want a 100% chance for that to happen, and it does happen). Now, in the game, I COULD see an NPC walking around with a new body mesh. But that body mesh is of course created by me for the sole purpose of creating variations in the body meshes for NPCs (we're not even talking about textures yet, we'll get there don't worry). Well ok, that's clear enough. HOWEVER, will those NPCs spawning with the meshes I've created be able to hummm... to... well to have sex with my own character IF my character is ALSO built using the same UUNP path (just with different slider values)?


4) So, outside of visual (and physical) variations, it's all cool (if it works that way of course), but indeed I want to use SexLabs and I want to be able to essentially bang ANY NPCs I want if I wish to, I just want that possibility to be there, and not being limited to a specific Follower for example (because... I don't know actually lol, I just don't want to be limited to bang one single chick all the time... hey, it's a game okay!). So I DO assume that if the Body build is identical in "type" to the one the NPC is using, then the interaction would be technically possible (and the rest comes from the SexLabs mods kicking in).


4b) Now, outside of NPCs, there's Followers, and THAT category gets my brain boiling. I want Followers, many of them (not necessarily all following me, I just want to have them present in my game). There's SO many choices, but that's not the problem. The problem, well for me, is ignorance on too many things (for now anyway) and honestly a general lack of description in some cases. In those cases, I don't actually know, and the author doesn't say if the Follower's Body type is CBBE, or UNP, or UNPB, or if it's "physics-enabled" (is that HDT? I think it is), etc. Now, OBVIOUSLY, I will want to have sex scenes with those Followers. BUT... what will happen if the Follower happens to have a Body based on regular CBBE, while mine is UUNP? Will I still be able to interact with him/her because mine is "Unified"? Or would that require his/her own Body to ALSO be Unified for us both to interact? And, by "interact" I don't mean to ask if for example a scene would start or not. What I mean by interact is actual physical "contact", will my UUNP  Futanari be able to penetrate that CBBE Follower? (excuse the crudeness but this will soon turn into a novel and I'd like to get this questionnaire done before the Sun rises).


4c) I may have answered my own question above, but honestly I wouldn't be aware of it, I'm just throwing ideas around that to me seem to make sense (that's because I lack information, but I'm willing to learn, hence me making this thread). So, let's say that having sex with a Follower is "incompatible" (or at least not 100%, something wouldn't work right, or my Futa's penis would go right through the Follower's belly, or the Follower's vagina wouldn't be 'HDT'ed', etc) simply because Body type variants (hers, and mine) aren't the EXACT same. Well, then I have an "idea" and I'd like you guys to tell me if that would actually work, or if I'm just dreaming in color (more on that "idea" below")...


5) Ok, let's say I find a CBBE Follower I really like, download and install it. In-game, nothing works (or doesn't work well enough, something is incompatible somewhere). Now, the question: Can I create a Body in BodySlide, and use the created NIFs and "give" them to the Follower in order for that follower to not only be compatible with my own character, but would also have the exact shape that I would have created (which sometimes gets to even better results, with enough tweaking on sliders)?


5b) If doing that is in fact possible, then what would be the procedure? Creating the body mesh, giving them to the Follower? I mean, do Followers have their own folder structure to allow them to use their own unique Body type? Or do Followers also happen to "share" that one single Body that everyone else does?




1) Ok, similarly to Meshes, I'm now understanding that Textures also kinda use that same "only for ONE 'x'" rule, at least to a certain extent? From what I gathered, it seems to be the case for bodies. I can't for example just go on Nexus and get 5 or 10 different textures for women and/or men I like and then install them in MO and then expect to see variants of everything I installed being applied in the game. For that (for the variations) I'd need EBD again. Ok so, with that knowledge out of the way, comes problems, lol. First questions then: how do I know, how can I tell if a texture (for bodies) happens to be compatible for a specific type of body, say... a textures "only for" CBBE, or "only for" UNP? And what about Unified UNP?



2b) Indeed, it has been difficult for me so far to understand that specific aspect. But I can give an example of what I THINK I get right in my little head...


This for example: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20211-sos-schlong-for-females-unp/


On that linked page, at the second clickable spoiler tag thingy in the post, it shows what the author refers to as (and quoting): " These are modifications of the included textures file to match some of the popular body textures. "


Ok, hold on, lol. So if I get this right, the author of course created a texture of its own for his 'schlong', fine (or is that incorrect?). And he links to what he knows to be Body texture mods that... how to put it... "happen to be" compatible? I mean, ok let me ask it this way: WHAT makes textures compatible only for certain Body types? Isn't it just... a... texture? I mean won't a texture 'naturally' bend and move to simulate elasticity and muscles? I mean textures aren't blocks. Now yes I DO know that it's on "polygons" but I mean... ok I'll just shut up.


So my main questions for this one: Let's say I build myself a Unified UNP Body, ok done. Now, AFTER that is done, what do I need to make sure of when I pick up Body textures? And HOW do I know it's going to work? How do I know if... for example, Daughters of Skyrim's textures will not only work (or not) with my UUNP Body, but will also be "compatible" with physics variants of Bodies? (schlongs, breast physics and even vagina maybe?).



3) Related to the above, is there an actual list of known textures specifically for CBBE / UNP / UUNP / HDT, etc. And, is there a MANUAL method to "test" if textures will work OUTSIDE of the game, perhaps with BodySlide? Or another tool I might not be aware of? And, more importantly: is it possible to convert a Body texture I'd like to get compatible for my UUNP, which by default happens to have been made only for CBBE? (although, me actually doing that might take me about five years of practice, since I assume it'd be too complicated; I doubt it'd be as simple as "hey, let's just press this convert button here").


4) Fitness / Musculature. How do I create fitness textures for my Body? I DO know about the Caliente's "Blender", but there's a few things I don't get well. I mean I know how to navigate in the Blender, I've followed the basic tutorials to use it. So, using it isn't a problem. My problem is... well, WHERE are the fitness textures that I can use to make Body textures I choose looking defined and muscled if I want to?


For example: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16731/?


It says specifically in the mod's description page that it works for CBBE and UNP, but... that's it? What about UUNP? I mean it's "Unified" UNP supposed to be a combination of pretty much all known Body types in one package? Or is that Blender already the equivalent of "Unified" and CAN actually Blend fitness textures on anything I choose?


Example #2: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45453/?


Ok, that's Daughters of Skyrim, it looks great, but let's say I want my Body using those textures, BUT, I would also want to put some muscles on. How do I do that? AND, let's say I DO manage to put muscles on those textures, then again (coming back to a few points above) HOW would I know if after it's all done the texture will actually "work" with my UUNP Body that I would have created in BodySlide?


Gah... this specific topic, textures with which models with which Blender... it's putting me on my knees (no arrow needed). What I WOULD like, about the fitness thing, is the following (and DO please let me know if something like that actually exists): A Blender that offers at least one (if not more) types of muscles that I can 1) Blend on ANY textures I choose and 2) One completed will ensure it works on ANY types of bodies (let's call that imaginary tool the "Unified Blender")?


NPCS & PHYSICS (HDT in General)


1) Ok, so far, of all the guides and instructions I've read about having breast physics in the game (and butt, + vagina and belly) only ONE of those guide actually mentioned something about a certain "Havok Object". I didn't realize (of course), until that point, but let me get this straight (correct me if I'm wrong): physics effects for SexLab scenes and/or just in general (walking around, running, during fights, etc) only apply to MY character? That is, UNLESS I sort of "give" either NPCs or Followers a certain "Havok Object" in order for THEM to also have physics "activated"? Is... is that how it works? And, well... what IS that "Havok Object" I'm reading about? No links were given, the person just said in the guide something like "you don't need this, but the NPCs do if you want to touch their breast" (or something along the lines). Please, I need more information on that, where can I find it and if there's guides about that specific part of making physics work (for others, not just me character).



2) Very simple question, and haven't seen a single mod doing that so far (or it's impossible, or just unnecessary) but... is there "HDT" for Tails ? Like, for Argonians and Khajiits? I mean I'm not exactly imagining a dead-looking floppy tail that seems to weight a ton and doesn't have a single muscle inside. I would of course expect the Argonian or Khajiit to regularly move their tail, give them motion, twist and curl them around and so on. Well that's NOT what I'm looking for though. However, I have not, so far, encountered HDT information that mentioned anything about tails in the game. So, is there anything that has been done about that and I'm not aware of it?



3) Is there an actual detailed tutorial around about how to decrease / increase (well, mostly decrease... keep on reading as to why) the jiggliness / bounciness of breasts and butt? A manual way to "edit" that somewhere? I'm asking this because I have seen videos (and Gifs) of SexLab scenes in action (or sometimes just characters walking around) and OH MY GOD lol... the breast in some cases would - I kid you guys not - keep moving and bouncing (well, mostly bouncing and jiggling) for a good 6 or 7 seconds AFTER a character STOPS walking or jumping. It's like two helium balloons that only wish to escape the chest area because their people need them. Seriously, I don't know who creates those physics effects but I wish there was more hummm... well... "weight" into them, or more gravity or something. So, is there a way to edit that stuff? Make breast more firm, or does it always and only depend on the size of we give them in BodySlide and nothing else can be done about it?




* phew *


Ok, this is way too much typing for my own good, but I have too many questions torturing my mind.


If I have more to ask about I'll bump eventually. For now I'll just patiently wait answers.


Thanks guys, sorry for the long post but I do desperately need the help. I've been reading, watching guides, trying MO, load orders, different profiles, followed Gopher's tips (YouTube guides) etc. But I have yet to start up a game because there's always something new to stop me. I literally haven't PLAYED a single game since the past 6 days by now because I'm completely absorbed by all this. I WANT to make it all work!

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First up, welcome to modding! You don't know what you've gotten into :)

I will just say now that my computer with all my games has been away for repairs so I haven't done any modding for a while, so apologies in advance if anything I write is outdated or incorrect.

So, 1) As I understand it, when you build a body in Bodyslide you have to have a base template from the original mod to work from still. For CBBE users such as myself you need to have CBBE installed still, I would assume the same is true for UNP. This body will be used for all females in the game as long as Bodyslide is installed correctly. When using Mod Organiser there is a specific way to set it up, you must use the plugins pane on the right tab to select Bodyslide.exe and add it to executables from there.


Don't forget to install a Bodyslide compatible armour replacement or bodies will look like the default mod body unless naked. Chronotrigger77's Remodeled Armour Mod (or something like that anyway) is what I prefer to use for CBBE, of course UNP has its own armour mods.


2/3) I'm afraid I don't use EBD, but as I understand it it works as a JavaScript exe much like ASIS. This means that you install it and add the contained .exe to the executables panel to run it amd if an NPC has not been loaded before (i.e. New game or new areas) it assigns randomised values to various sliders such as weight, hair etc. Sorry I can't be more help here


4) Sexlab works with any NPC flagged eligible regardless of body type, which if memory serves is anyone other than children, but the Framework doesn't give you any ways to initiate sex, you have to use another mod to do that. Sexlab Matchmaker is a simple spell that starts sex with anyone and is a good place to start for testing your setup. Having similar bodies just means the two characters align better as far as I'm aware.


4b) Follower mods are fairly simple once you know what you're doing. I'm just going to use the Sofia follower as an example here.

The Sofia mod has the option for download in a loose files form which means the mod files are not packaged into a bsa or anything like that. The mod page has a video guide for how to change the body mod manually, many of the most popular followers also have Customiser mods made for them separately. Here is the Sofia mod and relevant Customiser as an example:



I think I remember Alicia Painslut having a similar guide to change the body type as well, that's right here on LL. Regardless, I don't think body type actually matters with regard to starting sex so just go with what you prefer.


Ah. I just read 5 again and actually yes, you've knocked it on the head. That's what I just described above (although much worse than you), that will work as long as the follower mod is a loose files version.

5b) as I said, the Sofia mod has a video that walks you through it. I just copy the files from my own Bodyslide folder and paste them into the correct folder.



1) Most texture mods will specify which bodies it does or doesn't work with somewhere on the mod page. If not, Mod Organiser keeps all these mods separate from the main game folder anyway so just install and give it a try, if it goes very very wrong just uncheck the textures again.


2) As far as I'm aware if a texture is compatible with the body, it will work with the physics enabled version the body as well. The physics version just makes relevant *cough* body parts from the original mesh move as I understand it, so the textures would move with the mesh. Again, if you're not sure I would recommend just taking advantage of MO being separate and try it out.


3) Conversions... Oh boy. Yes, it is possible but please don't ask me how, I haven't got the foggiest idea. There are many guides out there and there are some conversions probably already done, I would imagine just go through the textures tabs of mod lists here and on the Nexus to see what there is. As for pre-existing lists, I'm sure there is but again I don't know where. I would assume on the relevant body mod pages?


4) I think Unified UNP is just a variation of UNP, so I believe it would still work. Again though, I'm not familiar with editing these mods myself, I'm sure it is possible but you would have to ask someone more knowledgeable than me. I'm sorry I can't help you more with that.



1) I've never heard of this Havok Object having to be given to NPCs. As I recall I simply installed the HDT mod and XPMSE skeleton, and Bodyslide must be rebuilt making sure to use the HDT version of the CBBE body in the body selection. As far as I remember the Havok Object is just the property attached to the body nodes (breasts, butt, belly etc) to make them move.


2) A quick google search turned up a bunch of mods adding wearable HDT tails. It must be possible to add HDT to race tails but I'm not aware of a mod currently doing that and again, that would need a level of modding knowledge I just don't have to help you do it.


3) There are plenty of mods that change the HDT values, called .xml values. There is one in particular that I only realised was so important when I uninstalled it because I wasn't sure why I had it in the first place (I think it's a requirement for the XPMSE skeleton). Realistic Ragdolls and Force: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/601/?. That's all I have installed and it seems fine to me.

I also found this, although it seems a bit complicated to me: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25483-customize-xml-parameters-and-editing/


I would just say one thing to you, and that is to just test stuff. You're using MO so you won't cause your game to melt down and have to reinstall Skyrim all the time.

Honestly, I started modding in November 2014 and I've gone through about ten serious new games due to testing amd screwing up the saves. Of those four were major games which went over fifty hours but I'm always adding new mods or updating (by the way, DON'T update mods all the time mid game, it really screwed me over), but my point is you have to be prepared to just test things and be ready to write off saves if necessary if you're going to be an idiot like me :)

And most importantly, have fun!

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