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Some scripts for Fallout 2...


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Here's a bunch of scripts for Fallout 2, if anyone's interested...

  • A simple script that allows you to gain a perk with every new level:

    Source Code:
    procedure start;
    procedure start begin
    Compiled Script: PerkEveryLevel.7z
    Requirements: Fallout 2 installation with SFall enabled
    Installation: Extract the .INT file inside the data\scripts\ folder.

  • A script that fixes a bug in Nirran's "Lootable Armor" script.

    The original script doesn't allow looting female combat armor due to a wrong item type check.

    The script also lowers skill requirements for looting armor like below...

    Armor Type/Repair Skill Req/Science Skill Req
    Leather Jacket/30/-
    Leather Armor/40/-
    Metal Armor/60/-
    Combat Armor/70/-
    Power Armor/90/90
    Adv. Power Armor/100/100

    Compiled Script: LootableArmorPatch.7z
    Requirements: Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.3.x, Nirran's Lootable Armor
    Installation: Extract the .INT file inside the data\scripts\ folder.

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You might want to use Nirran's more XP script (GL_200_Experience.int) which doubles the XP you get in the game. Perfect if you just want to wander around and kill things forever.


I'd also recommend downloading the latest version of SFall (version 3.7a). It has some bugfixes and improvements that the version comes with RP doesn't have, for instance, you can press SHIFT to highlight containers and items on the ground.

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Mind you, you won't be able to get a perk at level 2 though (i.e. the first time you level up). Even though the game displays the perk selection window, you can't select any perk in there, probably due to perk level requirements, but you'll be able to get that perk at level 3 along with the perk for the 3rd level. Just pick a perk when you've reached level 3, and then reopen the character window and pick another one.


RP don't have a "perk per level" type of thing as far as I know, but depending on your installation options you can have a party command script which is pretty useful even when you don't have any companions in your party. I use it mainly for auto-looting bodies and also to pick up items that are on the ground but are inaccessible due to another item or body in front of them.


If you want to compile your own scripts, just download the "Modder's Pack" on SFall's website and use the script editor that comes with it.

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