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problems with havok.


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Hello Im kinda new to posting on these forums.

I am currently working on an armor mod.

the armor has chains attached to it, I rigged the chains and now want to apply physics.

I looked at tons of tutorials on youtube and still can't get my physics to work in 3ds max with havok.

I use the hdt autopilot tool v1.0 and 3ds max 2012.


I can see the rag doll working but I can't seem to get my mesh to move with it.

could anyone possibly pm me or post a solution to this.

I am really lost, don't know what Im doing wrong.

also if possible please add me on skype.


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Guest bushido24

That's strange, I think you did well on the HCT's configuration.

Hmm, could you attach your max file too?
Btw I use the older version, 2011. Make sure that you save to 2011 max file, just in case.

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Guest bushido24

Ok, I found solutions for your problems.

First of all, you have to combine the chain meshes into one mesh. Easiest method is convert one of the chain meshes into an editable poly (let's say chain_link_back_1) than under edit geometry tab, click attach and select all the rest of the chain meshes.

Afterward, add a skin modifier to the chain mesh. Finally, add the bones ( Chain_Left_Back1 until Back18) and start the rigging process.


So basically, your rigged mesh is messed up. 


Sorry for my English, lol.  :D

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Guest bushido24

You don't need the bones, you only need the nub bones (yellow ones) for nif export and capsules for xml export. (and the skeleton of course)


For rigging the chain, just select all vertices and give the weight start from small value. After that deselect some vertices from top and increase the value.
Repeat those steps for each bone (1 to 18) until all vertices aren't selected.


I hope this will help.

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Guest bushido24

Sorry, I think I made mistake for my previous post. 


You only need to skin the mesh, not the bones or capsules. Enable skin modifier on the mesh than just add the nub bones.


Watch this tutorial from Canderes, 

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never mind. I just figured out that I can't parent objects, because it doesn't hold the parent in nifskope and just throws the objects everywhere.

do you happen to know how to make a rig for a chain link so it would move like a chain?


Edit I figured it out with the parents not acting correctly it was how I was exporting.

But still cant see the physics take effect in the preview window. is it possible my computer just cant generate the preview and it will work in skyrim regardless?

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