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I need [a lot of] help configuring mods


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I'm relatively new to Skyrim modding. I've used mods before, and used Nexus Mod Manager, but never in my life I would have expected to go past the 10+ mods mark, and that's excluding all the complicated manual adjustments I need to do to reach my [now] ideal modded Skyrim goals. I've recently read about this site, and after a lot of reading and looking at pictures and some videos, I realized how absolutely insanely complex and beautiful Skyrim can be with such intensive modding.


I've done "my part" in desperately trying to understand everything own my own, because I normally hate bothering people with questions, but it's way more complex than I imagined to set up everything properly, in 100% working order, and without major (or even minor) issues. Now, I'm more desperate than ever to make things work. I WANT to try that Skyrim, one that after 4+ years of owning it I've never remotely came close to seeing in action. The types of mods I've been using thus far have been small and very humble in comparison to what I wish to have now (things like Glowing Ore, NPC Footprints, and the absolute "biggest" mod I've ever had being limited to Sounds of Skyrim, and that's about it, plus the Unofficial patches).


So now, you may wonder what exactly IS the type of Skyrim I'm looking for since I'm typing this here in the Adult Mods forums? Well you probably guessed by now. I'm trying to bring life, variety and hummm... let's say... some love to this game * winks *. I mean, I do want to keep mods like Sounds of Skyrim, or others I've recently found out about like Immersive Patrols, Interesting NPCs, Realistic Water, Skyrim HD, Apocalypse Spells, etc (and some other 'overhauls' types of mods for the Landspace and the Wildlife, and so on). However, what I want to also add to all that is better-looking people (well, mostly women, but I wouldn't mind it for men too), so I've found out about CBBE for example, and I have no idea how to "use" that, or set it up (I never really touched 'textures' and models-related mods before). Not to mention, body / breast / items physics (with mods such as the HDT Physics Extensions, HDT Equipment, Hair Physics, etc). And, on top of that as well I'd like to spice things up a bit with making a Futanari character, with the desire to hummm... to interact * cough * with hummm.... with people, you know.


But going in with zero knowledge about those complex-to-setup mods, is excessively frustrating. I kid you guys not, I've been at it for the past three days (took me one entire day just to find the download the mods I thought I'd need, not even installing them), and as of this typing I've only started up Skyrim for the first time a few moments ago (after "setting things up" for three days) thinking that it would simply just explode my computer into thousands of pieces. Surprisingly, it actually started without crashing. Not only that, but I got past the intro and could access the mod menus (with that thing in SkyUI's interface that allows access to separate mod configurations, all of that was there! I could not believe it!). It was from that point, however, that I started to notice things not working well, not looking well, or just apparently not being there, or perhaps not being "activated".


So, of course, everyone individually setup their own modded Skyrim based on their preferences, therefor there's obviously no "standard" universal installation + configuration guide. So instead of asking for you guys to type me a novel about how to set the things I personally want, I'll simply ask if you guys could provide me with links of already-existing, known guides, preferably video tutorials about how to use, install and configure the following mods and adult-related "features":


1) How to: have "sex animations" and sexual interaction (which mod(s) do I need, how to configure them, etc)

2) How to: have breast physics (and how to configure that, etc)

3) How to: have strapons / penis for MY female character ONLY (which mod(s), how to configure, etc)

4) How to: have gorgeous-looking women using CBBE (or UNP?) without that ugly neck "seam" while the head itself doesn't fit with the rest (is there a way to make CBBE along WITH the head / face of NPCs and my character actually look good too? For now I'm limited to Body with CBBE, but Head + Face of Vanilla Skyrim and it looks so bad it's actually funny sometimes).

5) How to: have gorgeous-looking women PRESETS, which might just simplify everything for me (I've seen a "Preset" tab when I tried to configure mods in the game itself, but it was apparently empty, so of course I assume that there's probably a 'database' of downloadable / shared Presets somewhere that I'm not aware of?)

6) How to: have physics for either strapons or penis (or both if possible)

7) How to: make sure that the Load Order is correct, specifically for Adult Mods stuff (I haven't seen many .ESPs so far, it seems to be mostly scripts or plugins going in the SKSE folder if I'm correct? But then again I'm too new with this to make such assumptions, so I'll just shut up for now)

8) How to: properly configure mods like XP32MSE, and what does "TBBP", and "BBP" means? I'm seeing those abbreviations / acronyms often and have absolutely zero idea as to what they refer to (and I imagine it IS important to know about those).

9) How to: have varied-looking NPCs with different body types, height, etc. (I.E.: how to make it so that NPCs in the game don't ALL look exactly the same and don't use the same body, etc. Is that even possible? If so, how?)


I know, and I'm sorry, this probably seems like a nightmare when read with the eyes of the veterans out there who can mod a complex and beautiful Skyrim with their eyes closed by now. I do genuinely hate doing this, I'm normally very independent and never ask around for help. But this level of modding is just way, way too anal for me. And to add to the problem is that I am a very "visual person", so video guides are definitely going to make a crap load of difference (but anyway, ANY help would be appreciated right now).


So, thanks guys for reading to start with (if you made it this far). I'd just really like it if links could be provided because, sincerely I don't even know what specific mods I need that I might not be aware of, I don't know what names and keywords I need to look for (if I was to Google everything for example). Hence why I'm asking for links to known guides to setup that kind of Skyrim I'm talking about (with adult content, etc).


Alright, for now I'll... I'll just go in the corner over there and suck my thumb, because I've had my fill of trying stuff for three days now.

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She is working on a new tutorial that can be followed with very good results. It is quite complex but it is being working on to be as simple as possible. There support for the newest version coming out now. She has just published most of the last stage. you thought it was complex with what you seen so far.. lol Wait until you see the new version.. lol

It is doable just have to take it time. Oh this is hosted on another site. NSFWmods. just so you know. It use to be hosted here but she moved it there. Link is in the OP top of the page. Read the rest of the tutorial for an idea of how in-depth she goes for the tutorial. It is better now in my opinion there has been many people giving feedback to help it be the best it can be.


I had forgotten my first tutorial I used to get into skyrim modding.

Mod Organizer is more complex but the tutorial he goes over includes many very basic but very good mods that will help create a nice base for your project of Modding skyrim. You can go back and watch some of the previous videos which will allow you to follow the tutorial if needed. but frankly if you have modded other games you should be able to follow Gopher.


I have another option for you however I haven't used it but there is another one for this site from here. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43043-skyrim-modding-guide/


Finally in my sig there are other tutorials for Sexlab installation if you are interested in adding that excellent framework and mods. I know of no other  sex system that is that well developed.


Oh lets not forget that this site has many people willing to help you resolve your various issues with mod installations and problems.


That should give you some guidance on where, and what you can do. Keep inmind you will mess up. It will happen and happens even to the best of us. Patience is the best tool to mod games. You will learn and get better and if you continue you will be just like those you admired in screenshots.

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