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Questions about scripting and UI for an upcoming mod


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I have 2 questions dealing with scripting and UI for the mod I'm currently working on.


Is it possible to have a begin block that runs in both gamemode and menumode? I ask because I need the mod's main script to run in both modes, and right now I'm having to use 2 identical blocks to do this. This seems to work okay, but I'd rather that the script didn't have to start a new block when the mode changes.


I would also like to be able to update the player's inventory weight while they can see it on the stats screen of the pipboy. It seems like I'll need to change the UI value to make that happen. I assume that SetUIFloat would work for this but I can't find the proper trait name/path for the inventory weight. Can anybody help me out with that? The xml files are totally over my head right now.


I appreciate any responses as long as they're constructive. :) 

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