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Sexlab crashes on Human Sex animations, but not creatures.

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I had some issues with sexlab creatures, i.e. the creature side animations not working. Turns out i needed the FNIS for creatures. So i got it and now the creature animations are the only ones that work, the others crash the game.


I tried starting a new game and it still crashes just after the victim's clothes come off.

 I attached the papyrus log.



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I reinstalled XPMSE, and now most of my mod functionality suffered. I had a hell of a time just getting to a point where i could trigger a scene. For one the autosave for the new game i attempted to use, loaded inside helgen keep, and my character was stuck in the walk cycle and i had no control. So using a different file, the knockdow from Defeat would not drop them, so i got no options to tie up/rape/etc. But eventually i got myself knocked down, and that caused me to endlessly crawl in one direction until the agressor triggered the event to start, which teleported me back to him, and began the animation. Thoughts?

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Better to use a older save or even better just to try starting a new game and see if that works it could be something is messed up in your save file.


Auto save is never that great to use when saving it is best to use the hard save option instead of the auto save as the auto save can and will end up shooting yourself in the foot if all you use is the auto save. Because auto save overwrites the main save file when your save file goes bad you are screwed as you have no save to go back to as there are none to go back to. Instead use the make a new save option which will make a whole new save. 

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