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Request: HDT on Devious Devices Piercings


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Well, just like the title of the post says. Has anyone attempted this? It would be awesome if the piercings weren't static and bounced around with the various actions that go along with what the piercing are attached to. ;)

If it hasn't already been done, I'm willing to learn how to do this. I'm currently googling tutorials on adding HDT to hair. Hopefully it's not too different. Any resources on this subject would be appreciated.


Edit: I just realized that I probably posted this in the wrong area. It most likely should be in the HDT section. If a forgiving moderator agrees with this assessment please move it over :)

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Throw them into outfit studio select new project select either CBBE HDT or UNP HDT then select the piercing nif and load it if the pierce nif has a body in it just select the piercings it they are in pieces hold down CTRL to select each piece to mass add or shift to select all parts at one time then go to bone node and select all nodes then go to shape - copy bone weights then transfer selected weights then shape again and select copy selected weights and once again go to transfer click so that only one item is highlighted in the first part then go back to bone node scene and click breast node the piercing should change color. Next click export then export nif and you should now have bouncing piercings.


Do this for both _0 and _1 nifs of each set.

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Thanks myuhinny, but I think I wasn't specific. My piercing already move with the breasts. What I had in mind was that the piercings would move more like the various earring mods out there. The piercings are a ring with a chain. I would like the chain and soulgem to move around independently like they would in RL. Not just the nipple piercing but the clitoral as well.

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Right. So, for example, if the character were on their hands and knees the piercings would dangle down and swing and bob. While my piercing are weighted to move with the breast they behave more like a single nipple ring would. Except that the piercings have a chain with a soul gem attached. So the chain & soul gem should swing and move separately. Man, that would be awesome! I hope I'm not alone in that sentiment :)

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