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Help with the creation kit please!

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Hi guys . Does anyone  know if a tutorial exists on how to modify  a pre-existing cell part of the main world or if this is even possible ? For example make a player house instead of opening the door and having a loading screen to that cell , make it  part of the outside world without loading. Any input will be appreciated.

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Not easy but possible.


You can edit the interior cell and copy all its content.


Then edit the exterior cell and paste the content (and right away move it way up or way down. Before losing the selection.)


Then edit the building to be acceptable, and replace the door with a normal door.

Remove the teleport form the door, and move the interior items at the correct place.


Probably you will need to create some static meshes to have a good building that can be seen from both the interior and the exterior.



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Guest endgameaddiction

You'd have to edit the navmesh where you place the home in the open world so that NPCs won't try running through furniture and walls. Not only that but animals or any foes from the outside not trying to enter going through the wall from exterior.

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